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Hello all,

As I was saying, I want to introduce you to a brand new supplement I’ve created, currently in production. I call it AltiFuel.  I want to put you on the information curve early and decided to bring you up to date via the story of how I got “here.” Let me give you a little context. Please enjoy it!

Altitude & High Exertion Athletes
Firstly, AltiFuel is an “extreme sport” supplement aimed at altitude and high exertion athletes.  Altitude is a difficult, challenging and energy depleting environment. You simply need more cellular oxygen, energy, iron, and electrolyte B-suite support — and even more than that, which AltiFuel offers.  

Some Context, My Story …
I’ve been examining what are called High Route Hikes. I’m also aiming at those Long Haul or Through Hikes, like the Continental Divide Trail, one of the Triple Crowns of Long Haul Hiking.

As a quick aside, these Long Hauls or Through Hikes are now tread on by Ultra Runners. They run these 2,000 to 3,000 mile long trails for personal challenges and time them, trails like the Application Trail and The Sierra High Trail just to name a couple.  But I digress a bit; these High Routes are substantially different than the Longs or Throughs, and while shorter in length, they are arguably more difficult.

Journeys High Up …
High Route Hikes traverse high peaks, moraines, glaciers, talus, meadows, partial forests, rivers and streams at high altitudes (the Sierra High Route reaches over 12,000 feet!), and they are overwhelming off-trail journeys. To get from point A to B, B to C, and so on, and to reach the end, these routes require map, compass and terrain reading/recognition. They are indeed super challenges.

Because you are constantly navigating, not following a trail, High Route hikers simply have to move more cautiously than on trails because, well, you’re walking over rocks, boulders, giant granite slabs, talus, some glacial fields, cross rivers, dropping down chutes, “cruising” up and down peaks, and the like.  Danger is omnipresent.

You have to watch not only the terrain you’re currently walking, but also match it up against your maps for terrain recognition in order to know your location at any point in time. Trails do not have this challenge.

Make a mistake up there and you’re lost in a granite and moraine altitude wilderness (albeit beautiful!) with little to no help. Self rescue is the expected norm here. Screwing up in this environment is dangerous.

Into Thin Air…..
I liked the sound of this challenge and decided to complete a High Route. So I chose the super challenging 195 mile mostly off-trail navigational hike across the California High Sierras, a journey called the “Sierra High Route.” This hike exists mostly between elevations of 9,000 & 12,000 feet. And for me, with upwards of 45 pounds on my back.

Yes, I’ve been higher and heavier, but for less time. This, on the other hand,  was to be 3 weeks of solo hiking, total self reliance, and self supplied with only a single resupply point at the halfway mark.

R&D – Figuring It Out…..
After some of the usual trial and error, I ended up creating a highly targeted altitude specific formula to help us all gain:  

  • The longest possible, most sustainable support for the highest “octane” lift I could get
  • With strong support for Red Blood Cell (RBC) development & energy,
  • The highest B12 and B-suite and Iron bioavailability,
  • Push back at the potentiality of altitude sickness, and
  • The widest vasodilation.

In other words, something very strong, and something very new.

Unexpected surprise…..
In the process of researching and experimenting, I got an added bonus — this particular stack works cooperatively to push back at Hypoxia, something I wasn’t even thinking about when I was working on the formula. You’ll be able to read all about how the science and ingredients work synergistically in the Studies section of the site when I update it. Standby on that.

Testing at altitude…..
I compounded a truly unique beta formula that provided a big training hit for me here at near sea level. Next, I had to put it to a true test, at altitude.  So I took my beta formula directly to the High Sierras and tested it.

My Results…..
As you already know, I like to put it like this: for me, for my chemistry, sourcing ingredients that I believe will have superior uptake and work on me. I’m the clinical trial, as I like to put it.  In this case, I’ve created an altitude supplement that lifted & sustained me beyond what I’d hope for.

What Does Lebron James and…..
…Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Vonn and Cindy Crawford have to with this?  Well, speaking of one’s own chemistry and experimentation, turns out that Lebron James does the same thing I do, that is, he ‘developed supplements for his own chemistry from ingredients he could trust so he could increase his athletic performance’.  (Great minds – and athletes – really do think alike!) Check out that article here: https://bit.ly/2QkuoYa.

Another thing: AltiFuel eliminates the time it takes your body to adapt to perform at higher altitudes if taken 30 minutes before engaging.

Here’s a summary of what AltiFuel is designed to support:
Expect Higher

  • Bioavailability of B12, B-Suite of vitamins, Iron, Electrolytes and other trace minerals.
  • Oxygen availability for muscles and brain.
  • Red Blood Cell development (RBCs).
  • Blood volume for enhanced vasodilation, nutrient & oxygen transport and muscle recovery.
  • Reduction of the risk of developing Acute Mountain Sickness.
  • Push back at Hypoxia.

Of course you’ll have to try AltiFuel out for yourself to see if it works on your chemistry. My bet is it will.

Head’s up…..
There are two variants of AltiFuel:

Version 1, Highest Octane: Clean marine water, wild and farm raised Mercenaria mercenaria (clams). (The original version.)
Version 2, next Highest Octane: Clean Energy, Grass Fed Hormone Free Desiccated Liver (DL).

The Mercenaria mercenaria (clams) version offers the highest “Octane” lift, while the Grass Fed Liver version offers the next highest “Octane” lift. In either case, there are no altitude support products available that offer the uniqueness of AlfiFuel’s ingredients & synergistic effects.

I’ll send you some email follow ups with some more information on each of the individual ingredients, some science, and why this specific stack is so great, and how they work synergistically to create the results we’re all seeking up there!

That’s it for now.

In the meantime, train harder …




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