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This is a very important question. Let me say that we don’t equate high level success without hard work. Your training is proof of that. You’re successful at your sport exactly because of the hard effort you put out. The way BioTrōpic works isn’t quite like Clark Kent spinning out of his street clothes in a phone booth, becoming Superman within seconds. It takes just a bit longer than that! Anyone promising you quick results on the elite level of athletics is not being honest with you, like suggesting that you can be an Olympian with only months of work. That amounts to utter disingenuousness, and it’s just not going to happen that way.

With that view in mind, when taking the product with discipline exactly according to directions, you should begin to feel some physical changes within eight days. The full effects will envelope you within three to six weeks. Why the range? Because everyone’s chemistry is different. Personally, I felt the changes within eight days, and you may too. But be patient and put in the time. Let the product get into your system and do its work. You’ll be really, really happy you did.

Take a candid self-survey of whether you truly followed the directions exactly as indicated on the packaging. Success does not come without work and discipline. Did you really, with great care, take the product as indicated without missing a single dose? If not, start over and get to it. If you did follow the instructions as indicated, in your personal case, your chemistry simply may need more time. If all you do is pay for one bottle and use it to the end to find out if it will work for you, that knowledge is worth its weight in gold because you’ll have unquestioned clarity on this product. And you need that clarity to stay with BioTrōpic or move on to something else.

I recommend taking a minor risk by keeping the product and using it until the bitter end because you may find it simply clicks in a littler later for you, or you’ll learn that this didn’t work for your specific chemistry.

Expect both an elevated physical and mental feeling. It is the sensation of a gentle rise over several days, a subtle increase in power, torque and physical tightness you might normally feel during a taper or peaking for your main event.

There are really two answers to this. Please read carefully: 1) Yes, it will work for you; 2) However, this product is aimed at high level athletes seeking a significant biological competitive edge, those already at, or aiming towards, the stratosphere of athletic competition. For this individual, the result delivered by BioTrōpic is worth the price because of the physical return on their investment and the goals they are trying to achieve. So if you’re not seeking the highest level of athletic reward for your current level of competition, perhaps save the expense and try a cheaper product. Experiment with other legitimate supplements and see if that gets you where you need to go. The bottom line is, the highest quality products that actually deliver results don’t come inexpensively, so maybe try another solution first. Come back if that doesn’t work. Our sole purpose is to help you achieve your athletic dreams at the highest level.

Take according to the usage guidelines on the “How To Take” page. This link to this page is available only after you purchase.

You can, but this product works optimally when you’re in-season, training hard and under the natural pressures of your physical training routine. You may or may not feel the effects of BioTrōpic during your off-season, but it will certainly be doing you good. You will feel it shortly after your training begins. It won’t hurt you to take a break during your off-season, but it might help you to keep it surging throughout your chemistry throughout your entire competitive life.

A particular blend of natural products we’ve formulated that works synergistically within itself and together with your own physical chemistry giving you that “Permanent Peak Effect.” Your hard training maximizes its effects.

Warning: The sensation BioTrōpic delivers may be intensely rewarding, however do not take its powerful impact upon you for granted. It works hard because you train hard. It’s only as good as the highest possible level of your hardest workouts. That’s what makes it work. It’s the synergistic relationship between your high level training, the organic interactive effects within BioTrōpic itself, and your disciplined taking of BioTrōpic that makes it effective. So keep up the difficult training and remember that BioTrōpic yields greatest impact on those who train hard and keep their workouts supremely focused.