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Deeper Sleeper

From: $49.15 every 3 months

Deeper Sleeper is simply the best way to get that REM sleep you’re missing. A stack of natural ingredients designed to relax you, allowing you to get the rest you’ve been looking for.

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How Well Do You Actually Sleep?

You know what it’s like to wake up after a night of tossing and turning, feeling completely bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right? Probably not, so don’t feel bad about that because really, that doesn’t exist for most of us, especially people like us who move.

What to do

So give your sleep a shot in the arm with our all natural Sleep Formula created with people just like you in mind.

It Is Made For You

It was designed to give you the missings “Zs” that other products have failed you on, the kind sleep you imagine yourself getting, but are missing; the sleep your body needs and craves.

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

More often than not, it feels like you’re being begrudgingly dragged out of bed in the morning, feeling like the morning came too fast, the night didn’t last long enough and didn’t deliver on the sleep it promises you.
This is all too true of a story with a high percentage of people across the big, blue marble.

Health & Recovery

But, busy as we are, let us not forget just how important sleep is. Sleep is critical to health.
It is during this time that your body goes into regeneration mode and gets a chance to fully recover from hard training. Here are some of the actual events that go on during sleep:
● Key hormones like human growth hormone and testosterone are being released. These are directly related to muscle preservation and repair.
● Your immunity goes up.
● Cells rebuild, which promotes faster healing.
● The detoxing process of the body begins.
● Your appetite hormones become regulated.
This patented blend contains an array of key ingredients that can improve your sleep cycles and make you dominate on the race course, trail, pool and even office.
Here are a few of the key ingredients that it contains:


This is a root that gets extracted from a flowering plant and utilized in the alternative medicine world. Its mainly used as a sleep aid, but it’s also been known to help ward off anxiety, reduce stress and sharpen brain function.


The goji berry, or wolfberry, is a tiny, red berry predominantly grown in Asia at a high elevation. It is heralded as one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, which means you will benefit ever greater from the natural immune boost you get while sleeping.

Goji is also a complete protein and has been known to reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


You are probably most familiar with chamomile tea, which is often used to fall asleep at night. But it can also be found in extract form, which is what is in our formula.

This chamomile plant produces oils and the actual flowers are dried and used in the production of the tea, as well as supplements.

Aside from being good for sleep, it is also used for inflammation, anxiety, allergies and wound healing.


The flowering plant of the genus hypericum, St. John’s Wort is a staple in many people’s daily supplement regimen. It is often used for mood support and it causes you to become more relaxed and less anxious. As a side effect, you are then able to fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly.


The amino acid gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA for short, adds a nice compliment to Sleep Formula. Much like St. John’s Wort, it helps relax the body and mind, and take the edge off anxiety. This allows you to get to sleep easier and it also keeps you in a solid state of slumber.


Here’s some trivia for you. Were you aware that the ashwagandha plant was in the tomato family? You probably did know that tomatoes are healthy, so you can bet that ashwagandha is too.
This Ayurvedic plant, found on the dry mountains of India, gets its extract from its roots, which is then utilized as an herbal remedy.
In similar fashion to Gaba and St. John’s Wort, ashwagandha boosts your mood, while also being key for insomnia.


Perhaps one of the most well-known ingredients in Sleep Formula, melatonin is a substance produced naturally in the body. Its main function is to regulate mood and make sure your sleep cycles are on point.
If your circadian rhythms are off, which often occurs during the shorter days of the winter, you run the risk of having altered sleep patterns. Supplemental melatonin can help balance this out.

Summing It Up

When it’s all said and done, sleep is equally as important as any other aspect of your training or daily life. If you want to keep the weakest link out of the chain, then this Sleep Formula is just what you need.