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About Us

BioTrōpic serves athletes by giving you the ultimate edge in training for sports performance success. Engineered by leading world-class athletes and trainers with the focus of helping athletes to achieve their goals, there is no better sports supplement to help you train better and gain a competitive edge. We share with you a common passion and goal of working hard day after day to not just beat our personal bests, but the competition itself.

We have one mission in mind: to make the highest quality, leading edge and high-octane athletic performance supplements. Our unique position of being experts in our field and being high-level athletes ensures that our product delivers the most amount of value possible. We exist solely to assist you in achieving your best ever sports performance.


We know what you want…
Being athletes ourselves, we understand exactly what you go through both physically and mentally. We know your diet, how you wake up, how you go to sleep, what you think about, dream about, and how you prepare and ready yourself for competition. We’ll help you find your performance enhancement holy grail.

We’ve been there…
Our history of being world-class athletes (who’ve used every legal supplement under the sun) has given us “first experience” knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Our tried and proven methods have positioned us to engineer and create the only logical athletic performance supplements.

Our experience, your gain
We have taken our collective knowledge of high-level athletic training to produce a product that gives you everything necessary for success. We focus our knowledge with a single purpose in mind: to create custom athletic performance supplements that will help you achieve your highest athletic aspirations.

This is what we do. We do it the best, we do it especially for you, and it’s all we do.

About Me

My name is Craig Dinkel.  A sprint freestyle and fly swimmer, I trained and competed for years on a world-class level. I was coached by two different Olympic coaches as well as the second winningest swim coach in NCAA history in all divisions.

Some of my accomplishments are:

  • I twice qualified for Olympic Trials
  • Earned 23 All-Americans
  • Set 4 NCAA records
  • Won 3 NCAA Team Titles
  • Competed in several International competitions
  • Won 3 gold medals at Jr. Olympics
  • Was the fastest inductee into my collegiate Hall of Fame
  • One of my records held for 20 years, the same record that qualified me as the 2nd fastest sprint freestyler in the world at one time.

Among the greatest compliments I have ever received was from the legendary Olympic and USC head swimming coach, Peter Daland. Once after one of my early and phenomenal swims, he sought me out and said to me, “You could be one of the best.” Daland was not known to pass out compliments, except to those who earned them. Hearing this from one of the greats is something that you will never forget.


I have intensive experience with training and competing with the very best athletes at the National, World, and Olympic level. Just like you, I know what it means and what it takes to train and compete at the highest levels. I’ve gone toe to toe against Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holders. Competing against the world’s toughest and best competitors has pushed me to be better and the best I can be.


Mary is our Principal scientist and co-formulator. We are privileged to have a mind as bright as Mary’s on the BioTropipLabs team.   She is definitely at the very top of the list of the high performing experts in her classification.

Having graduated with High Distinction from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Neuroscience and Biology, Mary has since worked in Formula Design, Scientific Studies Support and Quality Assurance for many companies, including BioT, Pepsi and Maple Leaf Foods. 

Her accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, but here are some of her highlights:

Certifications, Training and Other Accomplishments:

  • Research and review of clinical trials to determine formulations of products and structure-function claims.
  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical training.
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Compliance.
  • Food Security and Defense Plan.
  • Mock FDA Inspections.
  • GMP & FDA 21 CFR 111 Requirements.
  • International Regulations & Compliance.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training.
  • Member – ABCS (Assoc. of Biology & Chemistry Students).
  • Leading the design of next generation consumer-desired products.
  • Provide regulatory assistance including review of ingredients to ensure compliance, label review, and substantiation of claims.
  • FDA regulations and requirements training.

Also, Mary has extensive experience in the Natural Health Products and in the Food industry and has created stability testing protocols for new and existing products. Here is a small sampling of Mary’s expertise with other companies:

  • Established finished product specifications for raw material, including product release criteria, e.g. chemical analysis/micro testing requirements, bio-assay, etc.
  • Responsible for ensuring all formulations and products have undergone appropriate stability testing protocol.
  • Performed raw material and finished product testing.
  • Ensured dietary ingredients, labels and finished testing requirements were compliant with regulatory government bodies.
  • Received certification in Food Science.
  • Coordinated activities involved in product launches, from conceptualization to commercialization, including formulation development, flavor development, market research, regulatory reviews, quality stability testing, label development, etc.

Mary is our go to person for all things science related.


Kevin is affectionately referred to as“The 3rd Rail” ‘round here because of his electrifying, uplifting and always positive personality.

We are so proud to have Kevin as part of the BioTropicLabs sports performance team. He has been part of BioTropicLabs from the beginning.  An expert on supplementation, stacking, and dosing. If you have any questions regarding dosing or how to take, Kevin is the man. You can reach out to him at [email protected].

What else is Kevin about?  He earned his B.S. in Sport Management/Fitness & Wellness and is certified through ACSM, NASM, ACE and AFM.  Along with these certifications, lifetime fitness experience combined with his natural instincts for getting client desired results, he’s become an internationally-known and highly sought-after health and fitness professional. 

When it comes to motivating change in people, Kevin changes attitudes the minute he walks into a room with his ability to engage, motivate and inspire people of all levels.  People who’ve worked with Kevin feel he is second to none in his craft in helping them achieve their personal goals, putting him in a very special class of super high level fitness and motivational training.

Some 3rd Rail fun facts:

  • Is featured in the documentary films, “Fasting” and “The Motivation Factor.”
  • He specializes in online training.
  • Specializes in functional training. 
  • Core training.
  • Three-dimensional movement.
  • Motivation and classical techniques using Indian clubs, wands, meels and gadas. 
  • He’s a vegetarian. 
  • And is a major customer support consultant for the BioT team.