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Calmer is the answer to the super stressful world we now live in. An anti-anxiety formula designed to fend off fear allowing you to carry on with your day, Calmer is the solution to a healthier, productive day.

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Anti-Anxiety Formula

Anxiety. I’ve seen this play itself out at the highest levels of competition, and again in just everyday life. We’re all human and there are times when we’re not feeling so “up to the task” due to stress or something on our minds that won’t let go. Let us help with that. This is where our Anti-Anxiety Formula can come to play, helping to calm you down, giving your the clarity to really see more clearly the issues at hand. It can elevate you right out of the doldrums too.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in all the busyness of daily life. Training, competing, trying to manage a job, family, finances, workouts and other duties can become stressful in a New York hurry. But, how you manage this stress and anxiety will make or break how we feel, and even possibly your outcomes.

Our patented Anti-Anxiety Formula is just the ticket in this department for you, and all of us who content with this issue. And this formula success is all based on the key nutrients we add to it. Here are some of them so you get a better idea of how they benefit you:

Proprietary Blend

This Anti-Anxiety Formula is a proprietary blend that includes some key ingredients that you might not be familiar with, one of which is Rhodiola. This traces all the way back to history where it was used by Russian military forces used it with great success.

It was said that this substance was the reason why they were so strong and were able to recover so quickly in their training protocols. Fast forward to today and we add it to our formula because it also helps with alertness and overall brain function.


These are two other ingredients in our formula that have a positive impact on anxiety. You don’t have to look far in a grocery store aisle to find chamomile tea. This herb is used for its effect on creating calmness in the body.

GABA, known scientifically as gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a neurotransmitter that helps calm the central nervous system and smolder out feelings of depression.


We added St. John’s wort to our proprietary blend to give you the best chance possible of overcoming anxiety. Aside from its well documented ability to support the reduction of depression and insomnia, it is also valuable for expediting wound healing and is believed to assist in lessening the effects of ADHD.


This root comes with a number of benefits that help with anxiety. First and foremost, it helps with concentration, so there’s a nice nootropic support effect. Secondly, it can help reduce stress and depression, and it’s touted for its ability to stave off sleeping disturbances. These effects alone are strong reasons to get on board.

And women may find it has a positive effect on calming menopausal symptoms.


Chances are you have never heard of these substances either. They are actually legumes, referred to as velvet beans.

The National Institutes of Health cites Mucuna Pruriens as being beneficial for male fertility, nervous disorders and even useful as aphrodisiacs.

And just so you are in the know, legumes are seeds that are covered by pods. Peas and peanuts are other examples of these.


The B Vitamins

As a whole, the B vitamins help your body break down protein, carbs and fat, which gives you energy. They also have a direct effect on immunity and help with red blood cell production.

We included B1, 2, 5 and 6, plus niacin and biotin in our formula. The last two are B-vitamin derivatives.

Niacin specifically helps with nervous system function and skin health. Plus, according to the Mayo Clinic, it can help increase your good cholesterol, which is known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Biotin plays a role in breastfeeding and pregnancy, and it also causes your skin, hair and nails to be healthier.

The Final Word

It doesn’t take much for your mind to wonder and anxiety levels to rise. Especially if you have a stressful job that changes in a matter of minutes. If you want keep depression at bay, stay focused and not be up all night worrying, then Anti-Anxiety Formula is your hookup!