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Our AFARE Athletes Formula is yet another crème de la crème formula.  It is our newest and carefully reengineered AFA formula providing a more noticeable, but all natural energy lift for higher levels of training, brain focus, blood oxygenation and competitive outcomes.

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This is our newest formula.

Exploring a different set of performance enhancing ingredients, we set out to deliver another special formula that was also developed, from the outset, to deliver higher levels of athletic performance, oxygen and red blood cell development to to assist muscle acceleration, power, increase muscle growth, enhanced alertness, energy lift, increased training capabilities thus producing personal bests in competitive outcomes.  Need more help with recovery?  It can also aid there as well.



AFARE offers the deepest support we know of for higher than normal athlete-energy requirements. With clean energy boosting support from trace minerals, the vitamin B suite – especially the highest B12 and Iron bioavailability – and red blood cell support (RBC), this stack will efficiently deliver a noticeable performance boost edge, offer higher levels of energy to use delivering an edge in more difficult and demanding conditions. If your training is highly demanding, like multi day training sessions, altitude, or conditions that require more from you than most any other training or competitive environment, then AFARE performance boosting formula is for you.  It delivers exactly that performance boosting edge directly you must have, directly to your hard working muscles and oxygen system.

Some of the key values in this formula are:

  • High vitamin/mineral content – B12 and other critical B suite vitamins
  • Vitamin D3 – a critical energy component and immune support
  • Full electrolyte circuit
  • Enhanced workout capacity – get more reps into the same workouts
  • Workout recovery – rest better, be ready for the next training session on time
  • Overall wellness – critical for getting through
  • Energy production – get more out of training and competitive events
  • Enhanced sport performance – more out of your training means you’ll perform at your best
  • Enhanced Mood enhancement – really helps during high stress events
  • Reduce Inflammation – less inflammation supports better performance
  • Supports immune system – less illness, more training, less inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory effects – a higher octane version of yourself
  • High in antioxidants – fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, keep cells healthier
  • Supports blood sugar –
  • Enhanced Cognitive function – higher alertness means more focus for what’s at hand.
  • Supports Digestive aid – get nutrition more quickly to where it’s needed
  • Increase sexual function – speaks for itself!
  • Kidney support – better functioning kidneys means better bodily filtration, a cleaner you.
  • Supports increase in testosterone levels and a reduction in cortisol


You’re serious about bringing your A-game to the field, court, gym, track or road, pool, ice rink – wherever you do your “business.”  That’s why you’re reading this.  So it’s worth learning the facts about our AFA Formula.

Our AFARE Formula is like an amped up version of our original AFA Formula. With our RE formula, you will experience an explosive improvement in multiple areas of your training. Just think in terms of your workout sessions going off the rails, getting more effort into the same amount of time, your brain focus being highly elevated and the outcomes of your competitions exceeding your expectations by leaps and bounds. Welcome to our reengineered AFA Formula!

prod-chlor_cordyceps_militaris_1THE PRIME MOVER: CORDYCEPS SINENSIS POWDER (MYCELIUM) 266 MG

The Prime Mover, one of the key ingredients in our compound is called cordyceps sinensis. This medicinal “mushroom” provides the body with several antioxidants, as well as bringing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cordyceps has found its way into mainstream popularity for its use as a stimulant to enhance stamina and reduce fatigue. But it gets even better.

Cordyceps has a profound effect on adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for short. This substrate is highly responsible for energy production in the body. It’s like a delivery system of oxygen to hard-working muscles. You can feel this effect when you are in the gym lifting weights and outside, grinding your way up a hill on foot or on a bike.

As an added bonus, cordyceps has been known to address other health issues that include:

  • Inflammation
  • Sexual function
  • Kidney disease
  • Compromised immunity
  • Asthma
  • Aging
  • Diabetes

The world has mostly been unaware of cordyceps as a sports enhancing supplement. You probably already know that this changed dramatically when it caught the world’s attention due to three Chinese athletes, Wang Junxia, Qu Yunxia, and Zhang Linli, breaking five world records for 1,500, 3,000 and 10,000 meters in 1993 at the National Games in Beijing, China.

This number of new world records being set at a single track event caused a lot of attention and suspicion for the use of PEDs.
As usual, following the races, the athletes were blood tested.  The results found no illegal substances. Consequently, the International Olympic Committee did not deem the supplement illegal in any way and it is used regularly, and often, by athletes at every level today.
When the coach was asked by reporters as to the astounding results that his athletes showed, he told the press that his runners were simply taking Cordyceps.


This power-packing nutrient makes its way to our formula because of its ability to strengthen sports performance and support the immune system.

Recent studies have shown great promise when reishi mushroom and cordyceps are combined together. Athletes have shown:

  • a big increase in testosterone levels and a reduction in cortisol. This enables you as a consumer to train harder and at a higher level without as much fatigue. And that is why we added both of these compounds to our formula.

As an added feature, reishi also aids in health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

  • Overall, reishi has a profound effect on optimizing the body’s natural functions to prime it for intense exercise or physical activity.


Aside from shiitake’s immune-boosting effect, it also helps:

  • activate white blood cell production, which is critically important for exercise performance under stressful conditions and fighting off illness. This provided a huge immune support factor.

Also, these mushrooms are essential when it comes to muscle recovery and helping to relieve muscle tension, soreness and breakdown that is often associated with higher intensity training. This bodes well for long-distance runners, bodybuilders and everyone in between.

Additionally, shiitake helps with the: 

  • reduction of fatigue
  • It also aids in better sleep

This particular mushroom is specifically packed with:

  • a broad spectrum of nutrients that include B vitamins
  • vitamin D3
  • copper
  • selenium
  • manganese
  • zinc

All of this is the best news for you as an athlete or fitness enthusiast. Here are some further notes that you should pay particular attention to in regards to boosting sport and athletic performance.

First things first, the B suite of vitamins: B vitamins are commonly known as the “energy boosting” vitamins. What does this mean? Simply put, they help with the breakdown and conversion of macronutrients into energy. The “macros” include protein, carbs and fat.

When you are better able to break down these macronutrients, you will notice a boost in energy levels. That alone will help you excel in your activities, training and workout sessions.

But the great news doesn’t stop there.

One of the B vitamins in particular, B12, is well known for its use in boosting energy; and it plays important roles in red blood cell development and nerve transmission. Intake of this vitamin can assist you in energy lift, staying focused during competitions and aid nerve impulses to your extremities. That’s a little known benefit that can further enhance your performance as it relates to movement of the limbs and muscle contractions.

Let’s now address vitamin D3. By itself, it is a powerhouse vitamin. One of the main functions of D3 is to assist calcium and phosphorus in the building and maintenance of strong bones. It also plays a pivotal role in immune function. In fact, the role of its immunity boosting power transcends further than the common cold.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), patients with lower circulating levels of vitamin D3, experienced more severe outcomes when suffering from COVID-19. If you want to fight this off including similar conditions, then you want to make D3 a priority in your supplement regimen.

Under normal circumstances, you can get adequate amounts of vitamin D3 through sun exposure. But a lot of people live in climates that don’t always afford this luxury. Plus, once you get past 50 years old, your skin starts to lose its ability to produce D3. This is where a good supplement like our AFARE Formula can come to the table.

Zinc is another one of those undisclosed nutrients that doesn’t get enough attention. But its importance to the body cannot be understated. Aside from being another immune booster, it is also good for male fertility, brain function, energy and it even helps ward off the effects of acne.


Now, here’s where our AFARE Formula takes a turn for the better. When you combine B6, D3 and zinc together, you are left with synergy. These factors add up to a particularly direct effect on testosterone levels.

When it comes to building and maintaining muscle, testosterone is vitally important, along with human growth hormone (HGH). When you pack on more muscle, your sport performance goes up. Plus, you become more efficient at burning fat while at rest, so you can become leaner. And, if weight loss happens to be a goal, then our AFARE

Formula speaks volumes.

Lastly, we have copper, selenium and manganese in this formula. Copper and selenium specifically enhance sport and athletic performance by promoting stronger blood vessels, helping with the formation of connective tissue and keeping your thyroid hormones on an even keel.

Add manganese to the mix and you have a mineral that aids in blood sugar support. When your blood sugar levels are stable, so are your energy levels. An associated benefit to this is a natural high feeling.

Overall, shiitake extract boasts these key benefits:

  • High vitamin/mineral content
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Digestive health
  • Heart health
  • Skin health
  • Stronger bones
  • Enhanced workout capacity
  • Workout recovery
  • Overall wellness
  • Energy production

Another super shroom, Lion’s Mane, has some of the highest antioxidant activity out of all the medicinal mushrooms.These antioxidants boost the immune system by reducing inflammation and oxidation throughout the entire body.

In addition to its immune-boosting health benefits, lion’s mane has demonstrated the ability to increase cognitive function. After consistent ingestion, active individuals can potentially reap the benefits of having a strong immune system with an increased sense of focus and alertness.

If you consider yourself a daily exerciser or fine-tuned athlete, it is in your best interest to know that lion’s mane has also been known to have a positive effect on fatigue and boosting muscle endurance. Think of muscle endurance as repetitive motions of the body with little to no added load.

A good example of this would be the sport of rowing. You constantly perform upper body muscle contractions with low to moderate intensity. Any activity that involves repetitive movement really falls into this category and lion’s mane can come to the table as a heavy hitter for performance enhancement.

Here are the overall key benefits that this mushroom brings with it:

  • Brain support
  • Cognitive function
  • Mood enhancement
  • Heart health
  • Digestive aid
  • Healthier glucose levels
  • Boosted immune function
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • High in antioxidants
  • Enhanced sport performance


Rounding out our AFARE Formula is a robust combination of several different forms of mushroom extract into one fine powder. This creates a potent cocktail of medicinal benefits that insures you will get the best bang for your buck.

Our proprietary blend includes the likes of:

  • maitake,
  • turkey tail,
  • chaga,
  • royal sun,
  • white button and
  • black fungus extract

These are all different mushroom types that seem to have similar positive effects on the cardiovascular and immune system of the body.

Chaga, for example, steps to the front of the line for its positive effects on liver glycogen stores, lower lactic acid buildup and exercise duration. Glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates, which give you energy to do workouts.

Lactic acid is that short-term burn you feel when you’re cranking out reps with weights or doing all-out sprints. Overall, we want to produce less lactic acid when you’re training because over time, it slows you down; and we definitely want less of this when you’re competing.

Overall, this super blend contains a nutrient-rich core packed full of antioxidants that stabilize the body, optimizing it for exercise and physical performance.


You’re looking to increase your stamina, train longer and harder, reduce fatigue, boost your immune system, recover faster, achieve better competitive outcomes and boost your brain function. Our medicinal mushroom highest sports performance formula was developed for you. We far extended ourselves in bringing the best combination together to create a synergistic effect that will surely take your training to the next level.

BioTropicLabs says the burden of proof is always on us, so try it out Risk Free.  If you don’t get the intended benefits (I know you will), simply follow our return procedure for a no hassle return.

Now, go train harder.