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Oxcia is the athlete’s best friend for the highest and fastest route to vasodilation and blood oxygen support available. Oxcia delivers more vasodilation and blood/muscle oxygenation than any other such supplement on the market today.

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NO2 Formula

Vasodilatation & Blood Oxygenation Support System

Oxcia supports clean, natural energy production via a priority formula, delivering high volume blood oxygenation & Vasodilation. We affectionately refer to it as a healthy, clean & simple “brute force” or “pure force” oxygen delivery vehicle system made for people who move.

Oxcia is unique, different than other formulas. While we use well documented ratios within the formula, it’s the source, and the timing of how we source these highest quality ingredients that produce superior results, benefits you’ve not received with other support supplements. We also moved to a tablet form to offer the intended benefit of slow release so you’ll get better, and longer, support.

BioTrōpic Oxcia, like our other apex  supplements, is a clean, energy sustaining biological edge sports supplement containing apex-class, sports performance ingredients. It allows you to exercise or train at successively higher levels with less effort, delivering superior results in training and competition.


Nitric Oxide, Vasodilatation and Red Blood Cell Support.


Reduces ammonia level in blood and can also help maintain blood sugar during exercise.


Cellular Energy, ATP production, oxygen capacity.

Are you ready to supercharge your performance?! Then look no further than our “smokin gun” apex Nitric Oxide (NO2) supplement. This is worthy of your attention.

Moving more blood to hard working muscles is what NO2 is all about. In doing so, you will have a biological edge, leading to more power, strength and endurance all rolled into one! Advantage, YOU!

And let us not forget about recovery. We all realize that we are only as strong as our recoveries.  The accelerated recoveries associated with our NO2 formula will have you revved up and ready to go the next time your workout rolls around.

All of this is made possible by the key, essential ingredients we use in the formulation, beginning with calcium.



Calcium is an unheralded workhorse in the body. Sure, it gets a good amount of attention in the news and media, but do you REALLY know why it is such a valuable substance of interest? Well, here’s a little further information that you should pay particular attention to:

Calcium is a mineral most often associated with healthy bones and teeth. That part is pretty common knowledge. However, it also plays a vital role in blood clotting, which helps muscles contract. Plus, it helps regulate normal heart rhythms and nerve function. All of these processes contribute to the supercharging of your workouts.

And just for the record, in case you are really into anatomy and science, about 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in bones and the remaining 1% is found in blood, muscle, and other tissues.

Here are some other Calcium benefits that you should be aware of:

  • Maintains brain function
  • Promotes stable insulin levels
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Boosts aerobic performance
  • Helps create fat burning
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Next we’ve included the B-vitamin known as Niacin. Technically, it is vitamin B3, and much like calcium, it brings an abundance of value to our NO2 product. Niacin boosts energy levels, provides the muscles with the oxygen and nutrients needed to

grow, improves mental focus and Increases human growth hormone (HGH) levels by a whopping 600 percent!

The production of HGH is something you do not want to take lightly when it comes to optimizing your athletic performance. Boosted HGH can lead to higher levels of a sister hormone called testosterone. Coupled together, this translates to more muscle growth, higher energy levels and elevated fat burning.

This added boost in HGH contributes to better workout performance by enabling you to train harder and longer. And perhaps the best part of it all is that you get a natural form of niacin so you do not have to worry about sketchy practices or putting anything in your body that might not be legal. For concerned athletes, you’ll never get a positive blood test with any BioTropicLabs product.

It should also be noted that niacin helps ward off the adverse effects of high-intensity exercise like oxidative stress, red blood cell depletion and lactic acid build-up. And lastly, it shows a lot of promise in preserving muscle glycogen to help fuel your workouts and move you closer to your goals.



Nitric oxide is a very important substrate created in the blood when proteins are consumed. How does this translate to L-arginine? Well it just so happens that arginine is the essential component behind the release of nitric oxide. In other words, it acts as a catalyst in this process.

The main function of nitric oxide is to widen blood vessels, which in turn, promotes better circulation and respiratory function. You see where this is going, don’t you? If you have more oxygenated blood pumping through your veins and are able to breathe easier and at a higher rate, your athletic performance will soar!

And for an added bonus, there is evidence that L-arginine taken in supplement form can promote muscle growth, decrease the muscle-to-fat ratio, increase muscle strength and decrease fat stores.



The pinnacle form of L-Arginine, alpha-ketoglutarate, provides similar benefits as the base version, but in an extremely more efficient manner. This form is a nonessential amino acid, meaning it gets produced naturally in the body.

But, by combining both types, you can expect faster results in absorption and experience a whole slew of health benefits like improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased oxygen uptake and overall positive improvements in athletic performance.

In years past, it was because of this powerhouse combination that bodybuilders fancied L-arginine. They chased it down for its positive effects on gaining muscle mass, boosting energy levels, boosting immune function and recovering faster from hard workouts.

Even if you are not bodybuilder-minded, all of these benefits can easily translate to whatever your sport-specific needs are too.



Are you a fan of the refreshing summertime treat known as watermelon? Well, this largish fruit contains a very potent and important nonessential amino acid known as L-citrulline. When consumed in any form, this substance has a big impact on performance.

First of all, it helps improve your aerobic capacity, which is very critical for training sessions and events that you may have on the horizon. Additionally, it aids nitric oxide production, which then helps you build lean muscle, boost strength and increase oxygen uptake.

And to add further worthy benefits, L-citrulline supports cardiovascular health, promotes a healthier heart and fortifies immune function. It’s also worth mentioning that the blood flow enhancing effect of this substance has shown promise with erectile dysfunction (ED). But be aware that no extensive studies have been done on its use in relation to moderate and severe cases.


Simply adding malic acid to L-Citrulline forms a unique version of this popular amino acid that majorly affects athletic performance. When malate levels are higher in the body, overall energy production increases.

An exclusive benefit of the malate version is that the boosted levels of oxygen and energy can potentially lead to explosive gains in physical strength as well as much better muscle pumps. This is due to the effect it has on getting tired during workouts. Simply put, it delays the onset of exercise-induced fatigue by hastening the body’s ability to break down carbs and fats for energy.




To round out our star-studded formula, we’ve included the nonessential amino acid known as beta alanine. In combination with histidine, beta alanine produces carnosine, which is stored in skeletal muscle. The main function of carnosine is to reduce lactic acid accumulation during exercise, which improves athletic performance–both from a strength and aerobic standpoint.

The actual process in which this occurs is the result of glycolysis. This takes place when glucose is broken down by the body during high-intensity exercise for energy. Carnosine is the main substrate necessary for this to happen, and with a good amount of beta alanine present, the effect is greatly increased.


By fine-tuning the body’s cardiovascular & respiratory systems, you can expect major jumps in physical performance with our NO2 formula. Mixing together the amino acids L-Arginine & L-Citrulline creates an extremely potent nitric oxide supplement.

The multiple forms of each ingredient work in unison to boost the body’s ability to pump more blood through the system in a smooth, but intense manner. Plus, an added splash of beta alanine gives a little extra boost that enhances strength and endurance. That completes this formula, making it a must-have if you want to take your training to the next level.