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BioTrōpicLabs AltiFuel

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AltiFuel is the altitude athletes best friend by providing higher Iron content for blood oxygenating red blood cells, pushes back at altitude sickness, hypoxia & increases aerobic support.

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AltiFuel – Extreme Sports and Altitude Supplements

Altitude is an environment where our energy is depleted quickly, and so are your vital energy stores.  AltiFuel solves that problem – it’s is a highly specialized  Extreme Sport and Altitude Supplement is designed to:

  • Produce and sustain your energy up at altitude
  • Increase support for aerobic capacity up there
  • Pushes back at hypoxia for better oxygen consumption and breathability
  • Treatly reduces the onset and symptoms associated with acute mountain sickness
  • Increase blood flow and…..
  • Red blood cell development.

Altitude is an environment where your energy is depleted quickly, and so are your vital energy stores.

AltiFuel pushes back at all of this by offering the cleanest and most sustainable forms of energy production in arguably the most challenging environment on earth. What’s in Altifuel?



Highest “Octane” variant



High “Octane” variant








canstockphoto-42480892-smAltiFuel Altitude Training and Competitive Edge Supplement

AltiFuel offers deep support for higher than normal athlete-energy requirements. With clean energy boosting support from trace minerals, the vitamin B suite – especially the highest B12 and Iron bioavailability – and red blood cell support (RBC), this stack can deeply deliver an efficient performance boosting dose of higher energy edge in harder than normal and demanding conditions. If your training is highly demanding, like multi day training sessions, altitude, or conditions that require more from you than most any other training or competitive environment, then AltiFuel’s performance boosting formula is intended to deliver its performance boosting edge to you.


It is designed for you, athletes who must ask for even more from their bodies. Due to the nutrient complexity and synergistic nature of this this stack, it allows you to achieve sustained acceleration and performance optimization where the highest levels of energy are required of you, and where the highest levels of performance are on the line.  AltiFuel delivers a notable and sustained energy boost in difficult environments such as multi-1000 calorie burn days (2 or 3 a day workouts), or higher altitudes, to maintain sustained support for your muscles allowing you to stay maximully fueled, and to offer much quicker recovery. While it was developed with altitude training and competition in mind due to the harsher environment “up there,” the power of this stack will drive athletes and “people who move” of all types.

Multiple studies (see Studies page) have shown that the utilization of key ingredients contained in AltiFuel, such as iron, the suite of B-vitamins, amino acids and omega-3’s from Gingko Biloba, Cordyceps Sinensis and the cooperative synergistic effects can help to support:

  • Red blood cell (RBC) count.
  • Vasodilation – more blood flow where you need it most.
  • Hemoglobin mass and nitric oxide levels (1,2).
  • Oxygen availability for muscles and brain.
  • Increased blood volume for enhanced nutrient transport.
  • Muscle recovery.
  • Dramatically reduce the risks of developing AMS.
  • Reduce inflammation triggered at high altitudes.
  • Hypoxia resistance.
  • ATP production for sustained energy.
  • Complete electrolyte circuit.


This shows Altifuel’s support in assisting, like an Adaptogen, your body in creating the ideal physiological environment necessary to perform at your peak at high altitudes – while mitigating AMS, or experiencing the side effects of altitude sickness and the depletion of oxygen-rich RBC’s.

At altitude, athletes need to recover from training much faster and adapt to hypoxic environments more effectively, and can do so when using the stacked Altifuel formula.

In other words, AltiFuel is also designed to offer deeply enhanced energy production – yours – and recovery when you’re up against the challenges of training or competing at higher altitudes.

Note: While it was created with altitude in mind, athletes of all types can benefit from AltiFuel’s powerful clean energy sustaining ingredients. Just be aware that it’s a super concentrated supplement containing nature-natural ingredients that deliver dramatically higher energy for altitude support in that demanding energy depleting environment. Because it’s a high octane product, you’ll want to take less of it at lower altitudes.


High altitude training has been proven to result in increased athletic performance by enhancing the levels of RBC’s and hemoglobin after training heavily in this new environment (4). Altifuel combines natural ingredients to help the active individual perform at the highest level and adapt to higher altitudes faster.

When the muscles work at a higher altitude, oxygen and hemoglobin levels both decrease and the availability of ATP and energy muscles decreases.

Hemoglobin assists in allowing the body to absorb oxygen, and when hemoglobin is depleted, the body is much more susceptible to becoming hypoxic (low on oxygen).

This is why you lose your breath much quicker at higher altitudes – there is simply less hemoglobin in the bloodstream to soak up oxygen and as a result, it is used up much faster.

This results in an environment where the muscles have less oxygen available to provide energy as well as reduced nutrient transport that is required to power them.

When this deprivation persists, your body asks a hormone called erythropoietin to pump out more red blood cells to compensate for the oxygen deficit. This process naturally  takes up to 5 days to allow the body to adjust to the heightened altitude environment, a period not all athletes have the ability to wait on.

Using proven-effective ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, B-vitamins, cordyceps sinensis, and dessicated marine clams, Altifuel contains the iron-boosting and blood flow enhancing substances that the body requires to sustain energy, focus, and muscle recovery when training at higher altitudes.

It helps your body to adjust and function at its highest capacity in this new environment much faster than it is able to do naturally.


Iron plays a critical role in producing and maintaining blood levels. Over 70% of the iron found in the body is found in the hemoglobin inside of RBC’s as well as the myoglobin found in muscles.Iron helps to ensure that hemoglobin and myoglobin are able to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body, and when these levels are lowered due to altitude, the muscles will struggle to work as effectively due to less bio-availability of essential nutrients.

In addition, the lowered oxygen levels and decreased blood flow rate deprives the brain of the nutrients it craves which hurts your ability to focus and perform at your highest level. When this deprivation persists, your body triggers the activation of a hormone called erythropoietin to pump out more red blood cells to compensate for the oxygen deficit.


This process is called erythropoiesis, and it requires more bioavailable iron to work as intended – specifically in the form of heme iron. Heme iron is the most critical form of iron and is most easily absorbed by the body. Heme iron is found in animal-based red meats, and also is a critical ingredient in Altifuel.We aimed to design a product unlike anything currently available, a supplement that contains proven natural ingredients that provide the body with the nutrients it is deprived of at these heights and that allow it to adjust much quicker.

We have created a product that combats the negative effects of training in hypoxic environments by providing a bodily support mechanism that enhances oxygen absorption and decreased blood volume with a strategy that has not been utilized prior to Altifuel.

Our formula provides more than just heme iron, as most altitude supplements offer, to help enable the body to not only sustain the increased demand for oxygen but also improve the muscles ability to utilize nutrients, reduce the symptoms of AMS, and help the body to perform at its maximum potential and reap the full benefits of a hard-earned high altitude workout.


Altifuel uses proven and research-backed ingredients to help provide enhanced hemoglobin and myoglobin production while simultaneously boosting blood flow and improving nutrient delivery to the muscles when they need it most.It uses B-vitamins and key nutrients from cordyceps to help enhance RBC and ATP levels, and gingko biloba to enhance blood flow and nutrient transport throughout the body.

Training at altitude can result in much faster fatigue time, and is why retaining and boosting ATP levels is critical to improving energy levels and oxygen absorption, and ensuring you are able to perform at your best.

This mechanism helps your body to adapt to higher altitudes at a fraction of the time and enables you to reap the full benefits of altitude training without experiencing fatigue or symptoms of AMS.




Clean water & wild farm raised. I love clam chowder but I didn’t know just how powerful clams were until I was researching the highest source of Iron and B12. Clams hold the title, bar none. They are a rich source of iron, specifically heme iron & B12

A 3-ounce serving of clams can provide up to 24 mg of iron, which is three times the daily recommended daily amount. These clams are a marine species commonly known as Littlenecks, the kind commonly found in the famous New England clam chowder.

These young clams are placed in pools near the maritime area, which are then filled with seawater. The clams are completely naturally sustained and no antibiotics are used, and are naturally farm-raised to provide a myriad of nutrients that include:

canstockphoto13241676-smcanstockphoto42349726-smcanstockphoto56276196-smAltiFuel Altitude Training and Competitive Edge Supplementcanstockphoto14181723-smcanstockphoto-39127318-smcanstockphoto-42368156-smcanstockphoto47970099-smvitaminc-21296349canstockphoto-6923070-smcanstockphoto-6923060-sm

One study demonstrated that iron supplementation can lower the onset of symptoms of AMS by up to 65% (11). This makes sense as iron is a substrate for the production of hemoglobin and erythropoiesis, providing the precursors needed to trigger improved oxygen absorption and minimizing damage done by oxidative stress.

This same study proposed that iron may have a direct effect on cellular oxygen sensing and improves the ability for muscles and tissues to make the most of the oxygen stores present in the body. In the absence of oxygen there is a hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) that is responsible for mediating the effects of hypoxia and helping the body deal with the absence of oxygen.

When supplementing with iron, the production of HIF is subdued which reduces the onset of AMS symptoms and helps the body adjust to the harsh environment much more quickly (12).


If you choose the Grass Fed (Vegan Fed), Hormone Free Desiccated Liver, you’ll get super supported with the following because Desiccated Liver is a natural source of:


The iron content and B vitamins contained in desiccated liver help with general bone and muscle development.

In one study, it was shown that extracellular iron modulates the differentiation of osteoclast cells (bone stem cells) and increases the proliferation of osteoclast progenitor cells (17).

This means that stem cells are able to replace and repair old or damaged cells in the body by making use of old and damaged bone cells, in this case cells that may have become damaged due to a lack of oxygen.

Calcium is important to utilizing oxygen stores as it has been shown to increase intracellular oxygen absorption and hemoglobin sensitivity to oxygen (18).
The high levels of zinc and copper contained in dessicated liver have also been shown to be involved in several antioxidant systems including the enzyme that metabolizes metalloproteins, superoxide dismutase (19).

The enzyme superoxide dismutase reduces the toxicity of oxygen free radicals, turning them into less harmful oxygen and hydrogen peroxide molecules (20). Exhausting exercise and physical performance consumes oxygen which results in a higher concentration of oxygen free radicals that can lead to oxidative damage.

The increase in oxygen reactive species stimulates the antioxidant mechanisms which include the copper/zinc dependent metalloproteins. Metallothionein has a cell protective role against oxidation and is related to the reduced cysteinyl residues that remove damaging peroxyl and hydroxyl radicals that build up during hypoxia (21).

Desiccated liver is also a rich source of essential amino acids – isoleucine, leucine, and valine. These three amino acids also play a role in the immune response and helping to trigger cell repair and critical oxygen absorbing pathways during physical duress.

For example, a study conducted on fish showed that isoleucine improved red and white blood cell counts and superoxide dismutase activity [22]. Similar to isoleucine, leucine was found to stimulate glutathione content and increase the activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activity [23], both of which are involved in preventing free radical damage due to hypoxic conditions.



This miracle natural ingredient is full of beneficial nutrients that include:


Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus produced by caterpillars that was first discovered by herdsman in the mountains of tibet.

The tribes began to consume this ingredient themselves after they began to notice their cattle had increased energy and stamina after grazing in pastures where it was present.

Due to the presence of these blood flow enhancing and oxygen stimulating ingredients, studies have shown that cordyceps is effective for increasing hypoxia tolerance (5) and enhanced stamina and RBC production (6).

The use of Cordyceps by athletes stems from the publicity surrounding the remarkable performance exhibited by the Chinese Women’s Track and Field team at the Chinese National games in 1993. In that competition, 9 world records were broken, and not just by a little bit, but by startling amounts! The team had recruited sports medicine experts from Europe, and their diets boiled down to a distinct recipe – the most notable ingredient of course being Cordyceps Sinensis.

These studies demonstrated that supplementation of Cordyceps Sinensis helps to restore antioxidant levels [5], allowing cordyceps to enhance the antioxidant defense system and help it to prevent protein and lipid cell damage that can cause inflammation and exhaustion.


Most importantly for athletic performance, cordyceps helps boost your body’s natural ATP levels. ATP is a substrate that gives your cells a boost of energy to perform physical activity and is required to power and trigger muscle contraction.Every single action and movement that you engage in throughout the day relies on ATP for power. When it comes to training at high altitudes, an increased presence of ATP gives you a boost of energy and has also been shown to increase oxygen utilization.



Gingko biloba, as well as quercetin, which is a component of Gingko biloba extract (GBE), has been shown to produce a dose-dependent relaxation of the crucial aortic blood vessel (7).GBE increases calcium levels within vascular cells, a process that helps to facilitate easier blood flow and oxygen transport. When calcium levels increase, nitric oxide levels also increase (8), which is a natural vasodilator the body releases when undergoing strenuous activity.

When the blood vessels are dilated, there is an enhanced ability for oxygen and key nutrients to reach and be absorbed by muscles.

GBE also is able to fight the symptoms of altitude sickness through the same NO-inducing effects. NItric oxide enhances blood flow throughout the body, which also results in a higher amount of sugars flowing through the bloodstream to the muscles and brain as well.

“Studies have shown that Gingko Biloba Extract may have a protective effect on the body at high altitudes due to the enhanced antioxidant activity and blood flow enhancing properties”

Further studies suggest that decreased acute mountain sickness after GBE supplementation was a result of improved antioxidant activity [9].

GBE may have a protective effect at high altitudes due to its antioxidant activity, which protects against inflammation and free radical damage that could deleteriously affect ATP synthesis, lipid membranes, and other cellular processes and structures that contribute to healthy blood flow and oxygen and nutrient absorption [10].


Here’s a pretty cool variety of Rhodiola that most have never heard of, and it does something special for altitude athletes.Studies have shown that by combining Rhodiola crenulata supplementation with cordyceps sinensis following high altitude training results in enhanced stamina during exhaustive exercise (13).

This study suggests that better high altitude performance after Cordyceps and Rhodiola treatment was a result of improved maintenance of PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) activity and increased physiological adaptation to the new environment.


The PNS is an important part of the nervous system and is involved in controlling the function of the body organs, blood vessels, and smooth muscles. Thus, vasodilation of the blood vessels and increased blood flow to muscles and tissues is a function that is dependent on the PNS and something that Crenulata Rhodiola is able to stimulate.In another study, it was shown that this variety of Rhodiola supplementation helped to prevent acute mountain sickness and enhance exercise performance at higher altitudes through similar means of enhancing PNS sensitivity to external triggers [14].

Crenulata also helps to reduce oxidative stress on tissues by lowering the presence of free radicals and reducing water presence in the lungs, which is a factor that leads to pulmonary inflammation due to hypoxia – a process that further reduces the ability for the body to utilize oxygen.This study suggests that Crenulata can protect the lungs by reducing oxidative stress and minimizing the development of inflammation and tissue damage due to a lack of bioavailable oxygen (16).

AltiFuel Altitude Training and Competitive Edge Supplement
In hypoxic environments due to high altitudes, pathological damage to internal organs is normally observed in rats. Along with Crenulata supplementation, this damage was reduced due to the prevention of capillary contraction which improves overall blood circulation [15].