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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

This is part 2 of 2 interviews with the Mighty Quinn, that is, Stephanie Quinn, obstacle course competitor, coach, mentor, and Social Media expert.

We’re still waiting for word from my boys in the band that this song was actually about her. As I said earlier, until they tell me otherwise, we assume that it is, because this a very mighty Quinn! (Who else could the song be about? An Eskimo???)

Today we move away from her career as an actress and music aficionado to her current incarnation, a strong, fit, beautiful and accessible woman making her mark in the obstacle course world. And if you happen to fall into one of her workouts, she’ll make her mark on you too.

We’ll discuss her infusion into the Austin, Texas fitness scene, specifically the Obstacle Course racing disciplines, where Stephanie trains like a madman (woman), competes with fury, and somehow has fun in the process.

One of my favorite discoveries on the web about Stephanie was finding a site that had her physical statistics as: Height, 5’7,” Hair blonde; Eye color Green: Body Type “Average.”

I’ve met Stephanie. Let me tell you, this woman’s body type is not at all “average.” Stephanie’s managing an expensive biological machine expending calories like an F1 race car, quite distant from “average.”

Let me remind you that a big part of Stephanie’s story is how she got in shape from no shape at all to high level fitness, fitness instructor and motivator, and competing in a way that’s entirely fulfilling for her. She’s become such a great athlete, coach and mentor; and she wants you to know you can do it too.

Come on in, listen to this amazing woman, and have some fun. And when you’re done listening, reach out to her. She wants to help you achieve your best.

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