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Raleigh Hager, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, And Then The Light; Episode 4 of 4

Episode 4 of 4

Meet amazing Raleigh Hager, a two time world class wake surfing champion who fell into the dregs of bipolar depression, then clawed her way back to reality, and how she did it.

(Be certain to check out episode 1, 2 & 3 to get the full context of this amazing woman’s journey from the highest highs, to the lowest lows, back to sanity.)

Why must you meet Raleigh?

First, her talents are so off the charts and God given that for that reason alone, you’d have to listen in.  At 10 years old she won the world wake surfing championship when the average championship age is in the range of 23. Imagine that!

Then, Raleigh defended her world championship the next year at 11 years old, thus solidifying her as the real deal, no one time fluke here. If all you heard was this story of her world class championships and athletic prowess, that would be enough.  But there’s more.

Second, only a few years later Raleigh fell hard into a chemically Hellish world.  She spent about 8 years in a questionable bipolar Hell, the likes of which I cannot describe here.  You need to listen to our chat to feel it. But there’s still more.

Third, after 8 years in the ugliest of places guided by psychologists, psychiatrists, MDs of all type and of course her parents, she bucked all expert authority, conventional medical wisdom, in general bucked all authority whose guidance was not working – mom and dad too – charted her own course.  Over a miraculously short time, 3 months, Raleigh wrenched herself out of this hellish 8 year fog and joined reality once again.  This is her story!

(To me, this is the whole story.  How did Raleigh, in a diagnosed Bipolar state, have an epiphany of such utter clarity that she could find the internal stability to dig her way out of the darkest fog to a “normal” life again. How she did this you won’t believe.)

And fourth, Raleigh is just plain an outright amazing woman. She lets it all fly here, holds back nothing, very unfiltered.  So get ready to be amazed, shocked, and finally, thrilled to hear of how she pulled out of the dregs entirely on her own initiative.

Listen into this final episode, part 4 of 4; BUT, be sure to check out episode 1, 2 & 3 for full context; you’ll be glad you did.


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