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Chlorella Stackᴿᴱ Formula

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BioTrōpic® Chlorella is a clean, energy-sustaining, biological edge sports supplement containing apex-class, sports performance ingredients. It allows you to exercise or train at successively higher levels with less effort; delivering superior results in training and competition.

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BioTrōpic Chlorella

BioTrōpic® Chlorella is a clean, energy-sustaining, biological edge sports supplement containing apex-class, sports performance ingredients. It allows you to exercise or train at successively higher levels with less effort; delivering superior results in training and competition.

The Matrix

The ingredient matrix works synergistically for the highest levels of endurance, oxygen transport, blood cleansing and energy production. Overall, it’s designed to give you the best effect with your training and competitive performances.

Unique Formulas

Two of our products, BioTrōpic Chlorella and AfA, have foundational similarities. However, their ratios are differentiated and each has a stand out ingredient that produces different outcomes.

What The Chlorella Formula Does

This formulation is perfect for those looking to up their endurance, grow more muscle, oxygenate and recover. It is designed to detoxify and deliver cleaner blood when you need it most – to hard working muscles. This, in turn, gives you higher octane to train and compete with.

Also, its anti-inflammatory properties assist in the prevention of deterioration of muscle protein and muscle atrophy.  By stimulating leukocyte migration from blood to tissues, Chlorella protects against injury and greatly aids in recovery.

For an alternative supplement supporting blood oxygen development but with a different twist, check out BioTropic AFA here

Take with Discipline

Remember, as we always say, you have to take with discipline to see the benefits. And, you’re the expert on your sport and personal chemistry. So experiment, find out what works for you, and maintain that.

Supercharge Your Body’s Engine
Your energy system needs the very best fuel supplement. BioTropic is created to safely and naturally deliver:

Nitric Oxide, Vasodilatation and Red Blood Cell Support.
Detoxify blood, cell production accelerator, cellular energy & nucleic acids, higher focus and concentration.
Cellular Energy, ATP production, oxygen capacity.



Beetroot is a powerful tool for increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide is also a vasodilator, which means it expands blood vessels and allows more blood, nutrients and oxygen to get to our hard-working muscles. Its nutritional value is also believed to assist in increasing the body’s red blood cell count.

More detail

Beetroot In Action

  • Increased blood flow to training muscles
  • More oxygen to train and compete with
  • Re-oxygenation of damaged cells and stimulates the production of new blood cells
  • High in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and folate, which have health-boosting properties

One study using trained cyclists had them consume 500mL of beetroot juice 2.5 hours before exercise. They then proceeded to do two time trials – a 4km and a 16km ride. In the 4km time trials, there was a 2.8% improvement, and in the 16km time trial there was a 2.7% improvement in time.
It also acts as an antioxidant by re-oxygenating damaged cells and stimulating the production of new blood cells.




Energy, Oxygen and Blood Builder – A Complete Vegan Food Source

“Professional athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Ryk Neething and MMA Fighter Eric Triliegi use AFA to enhance both their physical and mental performance by nourishing their bodies at a cellular level.”

More detail

AFA In Action

  • Protect & detoxify your blood – cleaner fuel for higher performance
  • Stem cell repair means faster recovery – shortened rest time between training
  • Mood enhancer/NooTropic effect – feel better, more confident, higher focus
  • An athlete’s dream food, a nutrient dense whole food that contains sun-powered protein and energy.

Oxygen Capacity and Blood Builder

It is believed to increase athletic performance because it is thought to support blood building and increase oxygen uptake. Higher oxygen uptake means more fuel to hard-working muscles.

Loaded with chlorophyll, which helps build our blood due to the presence of the pyrrol ring. In chlorophyll, this is identical to the pyrrol ring found in hemoglobin. Blood building is believed to bring more oxygen-rich red blood cells to hard-working muscles. This translates into improved performance and endurance.

Many individuals report elevated moods and increased mental concentration too.





The use of Cordyceps by athletes stems from the publicity surrounding the remarkable performance exhibited by the Chinese Women’s Track and Field team at the Chinese National games in 1993. In that competition, 9 world records were broken, and not just by a little bit, but by startling amounts! The team had recruited sports medicine experts from Europe, and their diets boiled down to a distinct recipe – the most notable ingredient of course being Cordyceps Sinensis.

More detail

Cordyceps In Action

  • Increase ATP, Your Body’s Battery Pack
  • Oxygen Carrying Capacities
  • Contains a plethora of other exceptional nutrients such as proteins, nucleic acid, a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as polysaccharides and beta-glucans, which have both been shown to be useful in improving immunity.

Cordyceps Sinensis has been shown to increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels in the body by almost 28%. ATP is the body’s energy supply source, the body’s battery, so to speak, and is required for all enzyme processes.

Among the key benefits that this supplement provides is an increase in muscle excitability, allowing your muscles to better respond to neural input, and an increase in muscular contraction strength, providing your muscles with a greater capacity to contract and shorten.

Put simply, ATP is the basic fuel for our bodies. More ATP means more fuel for health and athletic performance, allowing us to train harder for longer. In addition, Cordyceps boosts oxygen capacity, increases recovery time, and offers immunity battling properties. Increased ATP and oxygen capacity are two major components that increase energy at a cellular level.




Boost Immune Support Naturally

Any experienced athlete will tell you they walk a fine line between illness and health. All the right supplementation in the world won’t help if you’re under the weather or headed that way. Especially if a major event is up coming. The ingredients here have long anecdotal histories as well as academic evidence that demonstrate they work effectively to support the immune system.

Another of the beautiful things about this stack is the natural Immune Support contained within Aphanizomenon flos-squae (AFA), Organic Cordyceps Sinensis, and Chlorella.

Cordyceps Sinensis
Studies have shown its support to greatly strengthen the immune system thanks to its nutrient and polysaccharide rich nature. It is believed to be turning out as a major player in the arena of health and wellness.  Clinically proven to increase blood flow and increase cell strength, it is believed that Cordyceps improves the body’s ability to fight infection and diseases by significantly increasing its ability to absorb oxygen and deliver nutrients.  In some cases this has led to a 74% increase in cellular activity.

Research shows that it heightens the body’s response and activity in fighting forms of disease and tumors.  It is thought that this is likely due to its ability to deliver life sustaining properties like oxygen and nutrients to areas of the body that have been starved or damaged by the cancer.

Because it is believed that Chlorella binds with and eliminates heavy metals, toxins and pollutants in the bloodstream – and renders free radicals harmless – it is thought that Chlorella improves the body’s immune system.

Chlorella possesses a high concentration of phytochelatins that binds strongly to heavy metals and toxins like cadmium, copper and lead.  These are then carried through the bloodstream and excreted out of the body.

Thanks to a one-two punch of antioxidant mechanisms (enzymatic and non-enzymatic), Chlorella tackles free radicals in the body and decreases oxidative stress.  On top of this, it increases the amount of cytokines floating around in the body, which in turn stimulates leukocyte (white blood cells that fight disease, viruses and foreign bacteria) movement throughout the body.

So we use this, one of the very best natural immune support agents, in our formula to support your immune system. One study showed a 58% chance of a decrease in catching the common cold and the duration of a cold by 1 to 4 days.

Echinacea In Action

  • Well Studied Immune System Support
  • Less Illness, Quicker Recovery
  • Red Blood Cell Support
  • Increase Vo2 Max


With a no-conditions guarantee, you have nothing to lose except not finding out for yourself, at no cost to you!


A need to find an edge…
When I was competing at such a high of a level, I was always seeking other biological competitive edges. Whether it was developing a greater and faster muscle twitch, higher concentrations of iron, or even oxygen delivery supplements, I tried everything out there.

Custom Formulation
Nothing worked for me until I created a unique combination of ingredients that delivered the results I sought.  I call this sports performance enhancing supplement BioTropic.

Higher Ground
It raised my athletic performance to much higher levels, my workouts vastly improved, I was consistently handling world-record pace on a regular basis, and my competition times were consistently improving.

I Believe
You’ll get the same results with our products as they gave me.  And with a 30-day, no conditions guarantee, you have nothing to lose except not finding out for yourself. Check out the Testimonial page to see what others are saying.

Try it…
I’ve been able to transfer my passion of pursuing the highest athletic aspirations into BioTrōpic. I would love to introduce to you the vital ingredients that helped me achieve my success at the highest levels of competition. Try it out risk-free. I believe your workouts or training will notably improve and you’ll gain the competitive edge necessary to not just beat your personal bests, but the competition itself.



Blood and Muscle Support…

Beetroot for athletes may just be one of the most beneficial in aids for high level performance. It has amazing health-boosting properties high in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and folate. The most important benefit that beetroot may provide for athletes, however, is its super-high nitrate content.

It is absolutely packed with nitrates which our bodies convert to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts as a signalling molecule for multiple processes in the body and can have a number of effects on body including the dilation of blood vessels, regulation of muscle contraction and glucose uptake, and the regulation of cellular respiration.

These effects increase blood flow capacity and also lower the amount of oxygen required by our hard working muscles during exercise. Oxygen is used more efficiently throughout the body, allowing athletes to exercise at a greater intensity – all for the same level of effort.

Another study showed that those who drank beetroot juice prior to exercise were able to exercise for up to 16% longer.

Other benefits from beetroot include its anti-cancer properties from its betaine content, digestive aid from its fibre content, and mind-relaxing effects from a compound called tryptophan, which is also found in chocolate.


This Blue Green Algae appears to grow only in particular places, and we use what we believe to be the purest and best form of it: wild-harvested from Klamath Lake in the forested mountains of Oregon, a pristine ecological paradise environment where numerous springs are charged with water filtered through miles of nutrient-rich volcanic soils on the flanks of the Cascade mountains.

The lake is surrounded by the mineral rich volcanic Cascade Mountain Range where rain, snow and underground springs for 10,000 years have washed precious minerals and nutrients into this pristine lake.

Athletes want and need to be at the top of their game all the time. AFA may help to:

  • Increase endurance and strength in athletic performance
  • Combat lowered resistance due to over-training by strengthening the immune system
  • Improve performance times in sports that require any combination of strength, endurance or flexibility
  • Increase the ability of seasoned and senior athletes to make a “comeback”
  • Reduce fatigue, soreness and recovery time after performance
  • Shorten recovery time after injury
  • Increase mental focus during athletic performance
  • Lower resting heart rate

Immune Support

It is also believed to significantly enhance immune system activity and shorten recuperation time after athletic training and competing because it is believed to have both cleansing and rebuilding properties. It is also thought to speed the uptake of essential nutriants as well as remove waste metabolites generated by athletic activity.

Multivitamin, Trace Mineral Support

It is an excellent source of energy-producing B vitamins including appreciable amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. The B vitamin suite fights stress by helping to more efficiently convert polysaccharides and other carbohydrates into glucose for immediately available energy, endurance, and stamina. It also is an important source of vitamin C, contains omega-3 fatty acids including the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid known as docosahexonoic acid (DHA), and contains the phospholipid choline. This makes AFA a brain and nervous system-supporting food.

Athletes and Recovery

It contains an extraordinary concentration of the blue-pigment phycocyanin which helps preload the immune system by stimulating the production of more stem cells from the bone marrow. Stem cells are the basic form of all cells and can be transformed into any cell (including T-cells, NK cells, macrophages and other immune system cell artillery).

It is considered a whole and complete food – a super food – and not a supplement. It is the most nutrient dense food on the planet, containing glyco-proteins, vitamins, minerals, simple carbohydrates, lipids, and biologically active enzymes. Due to its nutritious soft cell wall it is readily absorbed so the body uses only a small amount of bodily energy to convert this super food into fuel.


ATP and Oxygen Carry Capacities…

Cordyceps is of a similar chemistry as mushrooms. However, it is believed to have a unique and precious type of chemistry, especially for athletes. As described above, cordyceps increases our ATP levels, our bodies’ “fuel.” Where does ATP come from and how does cordyceps increase it? Every cell in our body has these amazing little cellular structures called mitochondria. The mitochondria convert the nutrients from the food we consume into adenosine triphosphate, or as we commonly refer to it, ATP.

As long as we produce more ATP than our body uses, we have an energy surplus and our body feels great. On the other hand, if those tiny mitochondria cannot keep up with the body’s demand for energy – we have an energy deficit – and this can lead to problems. This is where the fungi’s benefits come in. Cordyceps provides strong support to mitochondrial health, as well as maintaining higher numbers of well-functioning mitochondria. More healthy mitochondria means more ATP, and more ATP is more fuel for us.

Having additional ATP for the body to use gives athletes an advantage in terms of performance during in competition and training, and also it gives competitive athletes the ability to recover. Since ATP is made on demand, the stores kept by our body are not very large. The implication of this is that we can run out of ATP quickly. In order to function at a high level, we need to continuously produce ATP to keep up with our energy expense. Cordyceps allows us to potentially maximize our energy capabilities.

On top of the ATP increases, cordyceps sinensis contains a plethora of other exceptional nutrients such as proteins, nucleic acid, a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as polysaccharides and beta-glucans, which have both been shown to be useful in improving immunity.


Vo2 and Epo
Echinacea is an herb known for its ability to boost the immune system. Recent studies show that it may also help considerably in improving factors that increase athletic performance – especially through its ability to increase EPO and VO2 Max.

In Practice
Pairing Echinacea with sources of heme iron and other blood-building ingredients available from ingredients such as Liver Anhydrate (a supplement in BioTropic), the EPO-boosting Echinacea can assist in providing a serious edge for the elite athlete – namely in endurance and energy output, coming from a boost in red blood cell counts and a healthier immune system.

Sources: See Studies link.


The Importance of Heme Iron…

Heme Iron

Heme iron is absolutely essential for athletes and can be even more beneficial to female athletes due to their higher requirements. Iron is an essential part of haemoglobin in blood and myglobin in muscles, and copper is an essential part of the enzymes that produce them. Both haemoglobin and myoglobin are highly important for physical performance as they deliver oxygen to cells. Maximizing this oxygen delivery by supplementing with a heme iron source is crucial in optimizing athletic performance, and can substantially increase endurance.

In addition to this, the human body uses red blood cells and haemoglobins as a source of protein for muscle repair – even more so when protein intake is inadequate around the time of exercise. Keeping an elevated intake of heme iron can help in keeping red blood cell and haemoglobin levels high, allowing the body to keep oxygen delivery high as well as maximizing recovery capacity.

Not All Vitamin B12 Is Equal – This Is The Best
Vitamin B12 is another super-beneficial vitamin for athletes. Also known as Cobalamin, it is an amazing source of Cobalt for our bodies. It is vital for growth and repair and plays a very important role in cell division. You have probably heard of athletes injecting vitamin B12 for a boost in energy and performance; although orally-taken B12 is not as potent as direct injection into the bloodstream, consuming sufficient amounts of it can be highly beneficial to red blood cell production – increasing endurance and recovery time.