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Suggestions For How To Choose Between BioTropic AFA & BioTropic Chlorella.

What’s Thematic between them…..

Both products carry the same theme, e.g., clean energy health designed around supporting blood building and oxygen carrying capabilities, energy delivery, immune support, natural body-made red blood cell production delivering among the highest quality grade of B-suite of vitamins, particularly B12, Cobalamin.  Cobalamin, along with vitamin B9, helps to produce red blood cells and help iron do its job: create the oxygen carrying protein, hemoglobin.

But There Are Differences…..

Along with the above benefits of each formula,
here are the primary differentiators…..

BioTropic AFA

In addition to the above, BioTropic AFA is devoted to supporting higher focus, cognitive functions, leaner body, recovery, supports stem cell repair, mood enhancer and blood oxygen support.

Who Might Use Our Uniquely Designed AFA Supplement?

Consider BioTropic AFA as primarily if you are a slower twitch athlete seeking higher levels of concentration, mood enhancement, longer levels of sustained endurance over longer time frames, e.g., mid distance athletes, triathletes, ultra runners, etc., – but faster twitch athletes can benefit as well. Some additional considerations may be:

  • Mid distance to ultra, or sustained events
  • Want greater recovery following training or events
  • You want to feel better mentally
  • Want higher levels of concentration
  • Believed to aid in muscle stem cell repair
  • Weight loss (although weight loss was not considered when it was designed)

BioTroic Chlorella

In addition to the Thematic Information, above, Chlorella is devoted to towards supporting cleaner blood, blood oxygen transportation, carbon dioxide exchange, inflammation reduction, prevents muscle fatigue and cramps, delivers higher oxygen levels and energy to the muscles when you’re training and competing. Because Chlorella’s believed to bind with toxins and heavy metals in the blood, BioTropic Chlorella supports delivering healthier blood content to hard working muscles. 

Who Might Use Our Uniquely Designed Chlorella Supplement?

Consider BioTropic Chlorella primarily if you are a faster twitch athlete seeking higher levels of power, speed and oxygen delivery over shorter time frames – sprinters and mid distance athletes, altitude athletes, etc., – but slow twitch athletes can benefit as well. Some additional considerations may be:

  • You especially like the idea of eliminating environmental pollutants, toxins and heavy metals from the body
  • Serving up cleaner blood to your body, especially during training and competing
  • Increased oxygen transport and aerobic capacity
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Sprinters to mid distance athletes
  • Superior plant protein source

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