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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

Dennis Dombrow is an MMA fighter with an interesting background.

He achieved his black belt in taekwondo at 9 years of age and then found his way into the BMX arena. After riding high and hanging with heavyweights in that scene, somehow BMX led him MMA. As a fighter, in arguably the world’s toughest profession, he’s successfully worked his way up the MMA ladder where each rung actually punches back.

With roots in both Austin, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, Dennis now fights out of Chicago. He’s a combination of a laid back Texan with the internal fortitude and toughness that seems to part of the natural “stuff” that comes with a Chicago based fighter.

Here we discuss MMA in general, his fights, wins, losses, and upcoming fights with very tough opponents. His upcoming fight against Cory Galloway can be seen live streamed on http://www.gfl.tv/fighter/gofightlive/Dennis_Dombrow/14198. Watch free, and live, over the net with this link.

When the above fight is over, there will be more to come. So keep Dennis on your watch list because he won’t disappoint.

In the meantime, come on in and listen and listen again to what Dennis has to say about his sport, training, fighting style, in-fight psychology, injury and recovery. He’s a great fighter, but an even greater man. He’s someone you’ll like, want to root for and want to know more of. He’s one of the good ones!

Good luck in your upcoming fight, Dennis!

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