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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

In this episode 2  “Quick Clip” of my Wesley “2 Scoops” Berry discussion on BLM, right out of the gate we hit on some very sensitive subjects which Wesley has no compunction in taking on.  (You really should listen to episode 1 to get the full context.)

Who is Wesley “2 Scoops” Berry?  Well, he’s an amazing man; look him up if you don’t know him.  You’ll certainly know him a bit better after this 2 of 4 “quick clip” episodes.

Among other things, Wesley is a world class athlete having won multiple American Gladiator Championships, is a seasoned athlete, sports trainer, entrepreneur, controversial figure and an extraordinarily  passionate man about just about everything that passes his way, but nothing more than Black Lives Matters (BLM).

Wise, clear common sense, no nonsense, even sage at times, he’s to the point on BLM and you need to hear what his point of view is.  Wesley’s quite a lot, a whole handful of intense fun and seriousness.

Come on in and check him out in this Episode 1 as he tackles the most sensitive issue of our time.

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