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Meet Summit Seeker Tom Lawrence, punching back at Mt. Everest and chasing the 7 Summits

Tom is a man of large accomplishments, a high level attorney and high risk-taking athlete.  On the way to chasing down the 7 Summits, he’s chasing down his 2nd attempt to summit Mt. Everest.After Everest had its way with him kicking him off the mountain on his first summit attempt due to High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) he decided to punch back. He’s headed to Everest yet again, in April, and with AltiFuel in hand! He’s ready for round 2.(And if things go well, we’ll even be getting live updates from Tom on Everest, as it’s happening, live to our Facebook page.)Everest is arguably the Crown Jewel of the 7’s.  Despite the sometimes sounding commercialization of it, Mt Everest is very serious business and dangerous trek. I don’t care who you are – when you take on Everest, it takes you on as well.It’s a climb that is always life threatening. From the maze like Khumbu Ice falls that crush people to death, to the Death Zone, the Hillary Step and the difficulty of just plain summiting – not to mention getting back down – it’s an arduous undertaking meant only for the passionate and serious takers.Frankly, I don’t understand folks who take on this kind of challenge, and it’s way I love talking with them.As for the rest of the other Summits, they’re no small thing. Taken from Wikipedia, ‘The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents; summiting of all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first achieved on 30 April 1985 by Richard Bass. The Seven Summits achievement has become noted as an exploration and mountaineering accomplishment’.  Tom is set on being one of those heavyweights.Come on in, take a listen, you’ll have fun…..


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