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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

How does someone go from the highest levels of Rock and Roll to stock trading success? Come in, meet Sean Manning, world class rock and roll star to stock and commodities educator, and hear the fun. What an amazing man and story.
Sean was a onetime lead guitarist for Quiet Riot (yes, that Quiet Riot), the American heavy metal band founded by the great guitarist Randy Rhoads and company; and today a leading educator for stock traders.
As a not so side note, Sean, as guitarist for Quiet Riot, had to fill a line of quality shoes, including Randy Rhodes legendary shoes when he took on the positon of guitarist for that band.
How good was Sean? Let’s chat about Rhodes for a second to get an idea. Rhodes was considered one of the great guitarists of his day. He was so good that when he auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Osbourne said that he interrupted Rhoads’ warm-up for the audition to hire him. This is the legacy that Manning had on his shoulders when stepping in to Quiet Riot’s history and legendary guitar shoes. Huge shoes.
My first passion is music, rock blues in particular. There’s also nothing at all quite like a well written piece of pop. I’ve always loved music. Sean Manning has done all this. I’m terribly envious!
So it’s no wonder that one of the greatest days I had – which I’ll never forget – was when I met Sean as business colleagues, discovered who he was, was immediately star struck and without hesitation invited myself to a guitar lesson from him.
Being the obliging and kind Englishman that he is, he stepped up and I enjoyed a great lesson from a brilliant guitarist that I still remember today. (Hey Sean, how about another one?)
Sean is smart, wise beyond his years, a gifted musician and a talented teacher; a man filled with great stories about of some of music’s greatest success, and walks among some of the financial world’s great success stories too. Today he is the General Manager and Senior Coach of Online Trading Academy Dallas.
He’s worked with thousands of traders over the past 17 years and managed 18 traders from the CBOT in one of the first mentoring programs for professional traders in areas such as stocks, foreign exchange, options, futures, and now real estate and wealth management.
Come in, have fun, it’s a good one full of fun…..

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