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“Begin with one step” is Eric Larsen’s motto—and how he made his way from Wisconsin outdoorsman to world record-setting polar explorer. A lover of extreme cold temperatures and the extreme discipline required to execute big adventures, Larsen started with the goal of traveling in the coldest places in the world. 

Since completing his first trip to the North Pole in 1995, Larsen has fat-biked 700 miles to the South Pole and became the first to reach the North Pole on foot during the summer. 

And he’s the only person to have completed expeditions to both poles and the summit of Mount Everest—all within the same year. In 2014, Larsen took what may have been the “the last North Pole Expedition”– one that climate change has rendered too unstable to possibly trek in the future.  Since then, it’s become a different mission that drives him—the environment.  

Come in and meet an amazing individual, extreme athlete Eric Larsen, explorer of all things cold, especially the arctic.

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