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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

“First you have to look at what story you’re telling yourself. Are you telling yourself it’s not possible?”

Norwegian kiteboarder, Malin Amle wants you to know that it’s possible. No one would think the the slopes of Norway would give birth to one of the most artistic, graceful, and chill champions the sport as ever seen. But Malin makes it happen, with a curious attitude that’s inclusive and sweet. Craig and Malin go through her fascinating life story from skier to kiteboarder and now head of her own company. Go step by step in changing the narrative of your story from one that can’t, to one that can. Hear remarkable adventures from the new world of kiteboarding and a lot of talk about what success is, versus what it can be. Come sailing along in this episode of “Who Are You?” with our international guest, Malin Amle.

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