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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

I enjoyed interviewing Joe “The Weatherman” Moravsky of American Ninja Warrior fame so much I asked him to do a guest podcast for me. He agreed and brought us a bolt of lightening in a bottle, the energetic and delightfully over the top Natalie Duran, also of American Ninja Warrior fame.

Natalie is an amazing woman, a role model for all because she can do anything! During this podcast you will learn why Natalie is so special.

She’s a star in many ways. Let’s count just a few of them:
• She’s a YouTube star with over 100,000 followers;
• An American Ninja Warrior Star;
• A studess star rock climber;
• Was on Esquire Network’s Team Ninja Warrior;
• A UC Riverside alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and…
• She’s a clinical research assistant at UCLA.

It seems Natalie does it all!

She also is an avid rock climber, fitness guru, and an expert at sneaking into places you shouldn’t (you’ll see what we’re talking about in the podcast)!

Her fans around the country and around world love her and I know you will too. Come and listen to what Natalie has to say about her life, training, career, and more.

You’re going to love Natalie, as we all do!

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