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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

There are candid people, and then there are really candid people. BJ Gaddour falls into the “really candid” category.

BJ is a renowned, straight ahead and no nonsense fitness expert and a once Fitness Director for the Men’s Health brand.

Among an array of other things, he is the author of Your Body Is Your Barbell and the creator of several workout vids including MetaShred, MetaShred, xtreme, SpeedShred, 10-Minute Torchers, Bodyweight Muscle Burners, Bodyweight Cardio Burners, and Body Battle.

This dude helps people get fit. And by looking at him, he’ll get it done. But that’s not the hard part… don’t expect to be pushed by him – he says that’s not his gig. He wants – expects – you to show up self-motivated, ready to go. If you’ll bring that, he’ll serve up the rest. Get ready for straight ahead conversation and hear why his workouts bring results.

Come on in, check out this fitness maven and his straight talk. Find out what makes BJ so special, and why his training method is special.

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