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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

What if I told you I know someone who flew close to the sun and DID survive? Icarus, pay close attention; you may have a second chance.
Meet superstar base-jumper Clair Marie, aka the “basegirl,” an astonishingly talented, multisport adrenaline adventure athlete. (The word “BASE” in base-jumping is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth.)
Somehow Clair found the time to chat with me about her story, how she got from “there to here.” She’s a fascinating story and I still think she was doing our interview between a jump and her landing, still not sure.
This tattooed athlete & model, this adrenaline-seeking junkie, has leaped off cliffs, towers and the like all over the world in locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and all over the USA too, just to name a few.
It is immediately evident when listening to Clair that she is very smart, clearheaded, erudite, articulate and fearless – yes – all that. She is completely unafraid to be exactly who she is – a highly skilled world class athlete who is wonderfully unapologetic in openly embracing her womanly, feminine side too.
Clair first made her name as the youngest female base-jumper ever when she was only 16. Can you believe she knew she’d jump at the ripe old age of 8!
Since that first momentous jump, she’s been chopping it up all over the world fermenting her indelible mark wherever she’s allowed to fly – or jump – and sometimes jumps even when she’s NOT legally allowed to do so. (Listen in to find out about that!)
But making a name for herself in the world of base jumping wasn’t enough. So along the way, like casually collecting shells upon a beach, she tossed in a few other sports to accompany her flying adventures.
To keep from getting bored or becoming complacent, she tears up mountains as a highly skilled and competitive mountain bike racer; and she skydives; and she became a stunt woman for commercials & movies (she’s stunt doubled for Jessica Alba); she’s a rock climber; and oh, she’s also a highly coveted model. I tell you more but I’ll run out of space.
This woman’s a delightful threat, smart, and kicks men’s butts too at her competitions, so watch out….
Come on in, check this unique woman out, and have fun…..

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