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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

Before the hugely successful American Ninja Warrior Reality Show, there was American Gladiators. It too was a hugely successful Reality Television Show that many today say was a lot tougher to get on, and compete in, than the former.

Wesley 2 Scoops Berry is an American Gladiator contestant, and is considered a legendary American Gladiators contestant. He is arguably the best, most determined and successful of them all.

I was reminded of who 2 Scoops was through a mutual friend. After some initial researching, I realized I knew who he was, had seen him compete on American Gladiator. Well, after that, I had to meet 2 Scoops and chat. So I did, and we did. Here it is. Buckle up.

You may know of him. You may not. But tens of thousands do. Of them, many believe he is the most dominant athlete in American Reality Shows sports history. They watched him “crush it” on the turbulent and bruising Gladiator course over and over again. In some instances, he leveled his obstacles – the problematically huge, fit and sizable Gladiators themselves – to the ground on his way to several victories.

Moreover, I dug up this quote on the internet: “No other athlete has dominated his sport more than Michael Phelps, with only Tiger Woods and Roger Federer coming close. Well, I forgot about Two Scoops. Two Scoops came into gladiator stadium and basically leveled it to the ground.”

Someone put him in the company of Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time; and Tiger Woods??? Man – this Wesley fella must be somebody!

Let’s take a tiny peek at just 3 of his accomplishments (more in the podcast):
• He was a Grand Champion on Gladiator
• Successfully defended his Gladiator Grand Champion trophy
• Set athletic records unmatched in the Gladiator show history

Warning: Wesley has no compunction about telling it as he sees it. I gave him a lot of latitude to express freely and unedited his opinions on some issues close to his heart.
And he’s lived a colorful life so come in with an open mind.

So if you’re an overly sensitive individual consider this fair warning to do some gardening instead, workout, put on your favorite tune, or the like, you know, something calming. He’s going to call out a few folks, “discuss” Black Lives Matters,” address slavery, and what it takes to be a champion.

Oh, and he as a story to tell about his experience with American Ninja Warrior. (American Ninja Warriors in the audience take a deep breath – he’s after you, any one of you!)

Come in and find out more……..

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