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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

We chatted with Tom Lawrence in March, 2019, just before his second attempt at summitting Mt Everest in April.

And quite candidly, we were excited that Tom was using BioTropicLabs products especially our altitude supplement AltiFuel during this extreme elevation journey.

(AltiFuel is BioTropicLabs’ custom formulated & proprietary altitude blend supplement designed exactly for this purpose. We’ll have Tom’s AltiFuel testimonial in due time, if that gives you a hint on how he felt it worked!)

After our first chat (look for that on the podcast page) all of us really couldn’t wait to hear Tom’s story when he got back, to hear his story of completing his dream of successfully summitting Mt Everest.

Moreover, Tom and I discussed getting live satellite phone updates directly from him on Everest, but we never heard from him, and we soon learned why. When we found out why, we all became very worried for his life.

Bad news began to break concerning this season’s Mt Everest expedition.  Reports that the climbers were dying very up at high altitude, in the infamous Death Zone (12 hour non moving lines on the Hillary Step) and at a rate higher than any other year became the story of the day, for days, until at least 11 were confirmed dead.

We were all concerned for those that died and their families, and were deeply concerned that one of our own, Tom, might be among them. Of course It’s not giving anything away that Tom made it out safely, and the reasons why are his personal blessing.

Check in and listen, it’s a good one; and for deeper context, scroll down and listen to our first podcast ahead of this one. It won’t disappoint.

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