“I waited the full two weeks as recommended to write a review. I totally notice a difference in my endurance. I find running hills a bit easier and when at the gym I can do heavier weights. It doesn’t make you feel jittery or hyper; The best way I can describe it is you feel like you are on your “runners high” faster and longer.

It does take me about 20 minutes into my run to start feeling it.

Another cool benefit is, I feel like my skin is a bit clearer and I lost a pound. Also, I feel like my recovery is faster.

I’ve found I can’t take it in addition to other running supplements or it jacks with my stomach.”

Spring V

Spring has completed close to 100 half and full marathons. Also, she has run in 12 ultras in 12 months furthest distance to date 72 miles and she tries to do at least one event each month.

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