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Prince Mumba

  • NCAA division 1 outdoor 7th
  • NCAA division 1 indoor 2nd
  • NCAA division 1 outdoor 3rd
  • Five time World Championships Competitor
  • Two time Olympic Games competitor, currently in training for the 2016 Olympic games
  • Three time Olympic Qualifications – Athens, Beijing and London, currently training for the 2016 Olympic games
  • Oral Roberts Collegiate Hall of Fame
  • Africa Olympics 4th final
  • Zaragoza Grand Prix champion

BioTropics and me.

After using BioTrōpics for three weeks, I noticed so many changes. My endurance and speed have been improved. I have developed more confidence to qualify and make the final at the next Rio Olympics. I have never felt so good until I started taking BioTrōpics that was introduced to me by Dr. Christian Reichardt. My times are so much faster than previous years around this time.