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Nartaya J

“I have religiously incorporated Biotropic in my training regime because after 6 months of hard training for my 100 mile attempt, I fell off the training wagon. I was burnt out and really felt the need to spend time with my family after basically neglecting them for half the year.

Four months after any “real” training I ran a 100k race. I didn’t know what to expect from the race. I had barely any time to train and had minimal miles; at best my weekly mileage may have been 30 mpw, far below what someone training to run 100k should be putting in.

Prior to the race I had been taking Biotropic 2x a day and feeling good. I showed up on race day and just let the chips fall where they may.

Race morning I took 2 and during the race I took 1 every 2 hours. I never felt my energy levels bottom out the way I had expected, and I never bonked.

I came in under-trained and with no illusions of a stellar performance, but ended up shaving 1.5 hours off of my time from the previous year’s race and easily qualifying for the Western States lottery, my “pie in the sky” goal for this race.”

— Nartaya J.