Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to better performance, you will see results with increased muscular endurance and of course your hard work – no side effects, legal, and highly effective.

My approach to body building strongly emphasizes on being 100% natural as I enjoy being in touch with my body every step of the process and because I have a care factor and interest in what goes into my body. I didn’t rely on any form of supplements because I found they had side effects or no impact to performance / recovery so overall not worthy consuming as there was no evident contribution to getting stage ready.

I decided to trial BioTropic because I was curious and prepared to evaluate the impact (and extent of side effects if any). After only a couple of days I noticed a significant increase in muscular endurance. I noticed I was not feeling fatigued during work outs where I would usually expect to feel especially with exercises that would completely exhaust all my energy. I believe there is a correlation between BioTropic and my ability to endure more reps and more weight and I am also pleased to say that there are no side effects.

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