Interestingly, I’ve lost 5 lbs since using it! And it’s been about three weeks. I didn’t really notice an effect until about a week in.

I believe the reason why is not necessarily because I’ve been hammering it so hard in my workouts. As you are well aware, I already trained at a pretty high level. What I’ve noticed most is my low intensity bouts are shorter and I am able to recover quicker. The same goes with weight training. And I’ve been following the three doses a day schematic religiously.

I also feel like I have an abundance of energy during the day to do other things like power walks, skiing and so on. It’s almost like I have an endless supply of energy. Don’t get me wrong, I still get tired. But I can do physical activity any time of day.

Kevin Rail B.S., Wellcoach
Special Ops Director of The Lean Berets
“Fat is One Letter Away From Fit”

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