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Howdy!  When you check that little box at checkout, here’s what You and We are agreeing to. Please read it. It’s worth the time….. 🙂

(Note: Refund requests on purchases made via third-party resellers must be directed to that third-party reseller. We cannot accept returns for any product not purchased directly from this site. If you have any issues with an Affiliate purchase, let us know who you made that purchase from. We’ll help you! Also, if you registered as a Health Practitioner/Coach via that registration page, this policy does not apply to you. Your returns are subject to that Agreement, not this Agreement, including if you have a separate non Health Practitioner/Coach member account registration.)

Preamble: We know you have choices and fully respect your buying decision. We really appreciate that you’re giving us a shot. Thank you!  We offer a no risk 30 day “guarantee” policy to ensure your trust and happiness. We simply must adhere to this return policy without exception.  It’s simple, fair, but requires some minor attention on your part, so please read on.

The short version on supplement returns: To protect you from purchasing more than you may need before you know if you’ll like our products (which we know you will), and to protect us against fraud, unscrupulous returns (unfortunately these things happen) and to assist you in actually purchasing less product until you know you like our products, purchase a single bottle and try it out. We recommend this as your first purchase choice option because for all auto-ship orders, only the very first purchase of an auto-ship or subscription order is returnable. The remaining auto-ship orders are not returnable. So buy one bottle, try it out, and then come back for more. On the other hand, if you’re sure, do as you wish. We just want to be clear, and to see you happy.

For purchases over 1 bottle: do note that similar to the autoship policy, only a single bottle in any quantity of one time purchases is returnable, the remaining quantity are not returnable, you own those. For example, if you purchase any quantity of more than one item, say a quantity of three (or 4, 5, 6, etc.) bottles, only a single bottle is returnable in that purchase order.  The remaining bottles are yours and are not returnable.  We suggest that you purchase one bottle of a type of supplement at a time.  Then when you see how well our products work for you, please come back and purchase more quantity, and use autoship (do read the autoship return policy).  This purchase policy protects you and us by helping you purchase only what you really need in your first order until you really have confidence in our products. Thereafter, please purchase all you want at will!

The Details on our “Returns” & Cancellations Agreement

  • For Supplement Purchases made from our website, read Supplement Purchases, below.
  • For Non Supplement Purchases made from our website, please scroll down to the heading, Non Supplement.
  • Handling Fees are not refundable and are treated as restocking fee(s) when you cancel an order or autoship order, whether it is shipped or not.

Supplement Purchases
You may be eligible for a refund within our 30 day “guarantee” period.

Use our Official RMA process described herein
For an RMA request to be considered Official, it must be done through our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system via your Account area. Please feel free to communicate with us about your wishes, but as RMAs go, no other form of notification qualifies as official RMA notification including email, phone, contact us form, site’s chat box, etc. Only our RMA system qualifies as Official notice. Shipping & Handling fees are non refundable.

Calculating the 30 day “guarantee” period
1) To qualify for a return, the 30 day “guarantee” period begins as of the day of the carrier’s delivery date to the address on the shipping label, as normally indicated with your tracking number, and ends 30 consecutive days thereafter. Bear in mind that Shipping and/or Shipping and Handling fees are not refundable. Only the purchased item(s) price is refundable.

Adherence to our RMA policy is without exception – A little friendly heads up
If you calculate that the day you’re planning to return an item(s), or cancel a successive autoship, is past this 30 day period as described herein, even by 1 day, please keep it! You’ve missed the return period. We hope you understand. (Sorry, but we gotta adhere to this policy.)

Incomplete RMA requests
If we receive a returned item without an RMA notification, or, with an RMA notification but without a tracking number, then we’ll use the date on the return postage to measure your 30 day “return” period but reserve the right to refuse this unofficial method of return all together. In any case, we gotta receive the item(s) back, even if the bottle is empty. Empty packages we receive do not qualify for refunds.

Lost return items
Sometimes a package gets lost in the mail. If this happens but you have a tracking number, and your request was within the “guarantee” period as described, we’ll refund your purchase. If we do not receive your package and you did not give us a tracking number, you are automatically disqualified from the returns/refund process.  So please use a tracking number. It mitigates return problems with the Mail system. Empty packages we receive with or without a tracking number do not qualify for refunds.

A little more clarification
Only the first order in an Auto-ship order sequence is refundable, and only within the first order’s guarantee period of 30 days as described herein.  You may of course Cancel future Auto-ship orders at anytime.

All order types & variations that are equal to or greater than quantities of 10, in any combination, do not qualify for returns. When you purchase in this quantity we consider you a wholesaler so you own them outright with no return options. (We suggest when buying in these or greater quantities that you register as a Health Practitioner/Coach because we can offer greater discounts to registrants who purchase in these quantities.)

Cancellation of Order for auto-ship, continuity and subscription orders (More at the bottom of the page on this too.)

Cancelling your autoship order(s) via PayPal (PP) only tells PP that you are cancelling your order, not us.  This will not cause your autoship cancellation in our system. Consequently, you must cancel your order in your Account area in our website to officially cancel your order, or you’ll be charged for your next autoship. If you do not cancel your autoship within our system, you are still obligated to your autoship agreement with us; no matter what you’ve done in PP, your order is still with us and you will be responsible for the shipment and associated costs. If you want to cancel your autoship order, you must do it in your account here on the website to be valid. PP does not do this.

Product Pricing, Coupon Discounts, Handling Fees, Order Type, Subscription Orders
All product pricing, discount coupons and handling fees on all BioTropicLabs sites including its Gear site are subject to change at anytime without notice including retroactively, and on all order types including autoship orders, in the sole discretion of BioTropicLabs.

Selecting your BioTropicLabs’ Supplement Order Type
The default order type is a clearly stated 30 day Autoship
To further assist you in selecting your Order Type, on each product’s order page where you add items to your shopping cart, there is a Red blinking rectangular box above the dropdown box that says “Click Drop Down to Choose Order Type.”

This is where you choose your order type, e.g., one time shipment, or, Autoship duration of 15, 30, 60 or 90 days.  If you wish to change the autoship default choice, do so at the time of selecting your order type.  This is why the blinking red rectangular box is blinking, and in red, so as to be very noticeable, to help you visually see to make your order selection if you want to change it.

If you leave the default setting to 30 day autoship, this means that you agree to automatically receive your purchases each 30 days (unless you change the order type) automatically charged and shipped following the charge. If you find you purchased an autoship order in error, simply log into your account anytime before the next shipment and cancel future your shipments. If this is done within the first 30 days of any sequence of autoship orders, you will have cancelled your autoship order and the next shipment will not occur.

Generally and conditionally speaking, if you selected autoship by accident and notify us via email within 30 days of being charged and shipped of the 2nd order, and, you ship the unused, unopened bottle back to us (shipping at the sole expense of the customer), then we’ll happily refund your 2nd shipment, less shipping. However, if you receive a 3rd or more autoship order from us and suggest this was accidental, we’ll suggest that receipt of the 2nd order without complaint  from you following the 2nd orders explicitly states, on your behalf, that you intended must have intended an autoship order from the 1st purchase because you did not contest the 2nd purchase, and are thus not entitled to a refund of any orders in your autoship sequence.  However, of course you can still cancel future autoship orders as explained above.

It is your sole responsibility to choose the correct type of order, e.g., one time purchase or Autoship.

Communications from us: SMS, Notices, Telephony, Email and Email Marketing, et al. (“Notifications”)
When you visit the site, purchase or sign up for a newsletter, blog or any notification, you are placed within our notification software (SMS, email, etc.) and may receive Notifications from us. You can opt out of any of such notifications at your leisure, at anytime.

Autoship Order Cancellations
The timing of these cancellations are important: You may unconditionally Cancel (Cancel is not the same as a Return for a Refund) any auto-ship order any time you wish as long as it is not later than the day before your next shipment is scheduled to go out, and by 5:00pm, CST, 7 days a week. We have to adhere strictly to this policy.

Cancellations that come in after this time of 5:00pm, PST, and on the same day of your recurring shipment order are deemed too late to cancel for the current shipment and will be billed accordingly. However, after we bill and ship your current order, we will accept that same cancellation notice immediately as a cancellation notice for all future shipments.

Shipped but undelivered product, et al.
We ship to the address information you give when you order. If your order fails to reach you for reasons intended or unintended, done knowingly or unknowingly by you or anyone else, or for any of the following reasons, or similar…..
– Return To Sender
– Unable To Forward
– Undeliverable
– Refused
– Customer claims “stolen”
– Not Claimed or Unclaimed
– Address Not Found
– Address Insufficient (We ship to the address you give us).
– Moved
– Not Admitted
….. it becomes the purchaser’s sole responsibility to contact the Carrier to settle the matter, or the shipping party (us), to discuss the matter. The company is not responsible for contacting the purchaser for reshipment under these conditions, but the company reserves the right to reship at the purchaser’s cost. If the shipment is to be reshipped, the cost of reshipping will be borne solely by the purchaser. Also, you are ineligible for an RMA, return or refund on orders of this type. We’ll happily reship your order if it comes back to us but you’ll have to pay for shipping again. If the order does not come back to us, you’ll have to order again.

  • Handling Fees are not refundable and are treated as restocking fee(s) when you cancel an order or autoship order, whether it is shipped or not.

Accepting a Product Discount in Exchange for Cancellation
(Refunds are not offered for product returns under these conditions.)

If you have an autoship order(s), there may come a time when you wish to cancel the next shipment. Therefore, there may be opportunities offered to you where we’ll offer you a discounted price to maintain your autoship order(s).

We make these offers because we want you to stay, and you want to stay on board too. We willingly take a loss to give you your gain in discounted pricing. Therefore, we lessen the impact of loss in the following manner…..

Under these conditions where you do not cancel the autoship order in exchange for accepting discounted offers, returns for refund are not allowed, are forfeited, for the entire duration of products in such autoship orders, including the product for which you first accepted the offer.

If you choose to accept any discount offer to maintain your autoship order(s), then you are stating categorically to BioTropicLabs that you want to keep such autoship order(s) in tact in exchange for accepting the discount offered to you.  Under these conditions, returns for a refund are not allowed for the entire duration of products in such autoship orders.

You can, of course, cancel the next shipment of any autoship order at anytime to stop the autoship process, but you cannot return for refund such autoship products.

Sometimes Customs departments will randomly select packages to open to visually examine them. If your shipment appears opened or “handled,” it is likely that customs got involved. We have no control over such things and therefore any damage or other issues that may be a result of Customs procedures are outside our control. You’ll have to file a claim with your local carrier if there is a problem with your package.

If you believe you qualify for a return, here’s how to let us know and make it official
Do not email or call to start the RMA process. You must use the RMA process as described below. Communication to us via email or any other communication method does not qualify as initiating a return or refund request. It certainly makes us aware of your current wish, but it’s not considered at all official until it’s made officially via logging into your account and making the request official there. Remember, Shipping & Handling fees are non refundable.

Our “Try Another Product” (TAP) Program
Because our TAP program offers deeply discounted pricing, no TAP purchases are eligible for RMA or returnable for refund. Also, the TAP program is for one time, single purchase discounts offered to clients who’ve previously purchased from us here at the site. If you decide you wish to continue purchasing a TAP product after the initial purchase, you’ll pay the price of your last purchase price for ongoing orders, not the highly discounted TAP price.

We ask for three super simple conditions for a refund:
1) Let us know the reason why you weren’t happy so we can make our products better, and
2) Return any unused product, including your empty bottle(s), back to us.
3) Use a Tracking number when returning the item(s).

We strongly suggest you prepare your return in the order below because we’ll need the tracking number that will be given to you by your shipping method. If you have that number in advance, it makes your RMA process much more seamless. We cannot process any RMAs without that tracking number.

a) First, pay for postage and get a tracking number.  Place the postage on the return package. Then, package your return item for shipping back to us using the address below. Only returns to the address below qualify for a refund. You are responsible for the cost of all shipping charges back to us. Initial purchase shipping charges are not refundable.

b) Second, after you have labeled and packaged the item, simply log into your Account and find the item you wish to return. For auto-ship orders, click on the item(s) and cancel that order(s). After that, click on Request Return button. Fill out the Reasons field and enter your Tracking Number in the Tracking Number field. Then click Submit. That’s it!

c) Third, we must have a tracking number (it reduces potential mail problems for both of us!)  You must enter a tracking number in the tracking number field for your RMA to be valid and official and click Submit or Ok. That’s how we get officially notified.

The receipt of your return will be verified by our quality control Department. In some cases we may reserve the right not to issue a refund if we do not receive your return or receive an empty package, regardless of an issued RMA.

If all is well, we’ll refund your purchase, less Shipping & Handling, after receiving your returned product. Be aware that credit card refund transactions sometimes take 1 to 2 billing cycles to post to your account. We do not control the time it takes to post to your credit card. This is dependent on your financial institution. Once your refund has been issued, please refer any questions you have to your bank.

Supplements must be returned to this address only:
12400 W Hwy 71
Bee Cave TX 78738

Thank you in advance for understanding this policy and cooperating with it. Please contact us via the site if you have any questions.

Sales Discounts
a) We often offer deeper discounts on Subscription orders.  Subscription discounts are always offered at a deeper discount than non subscription orders because we want to incentivize you to take at least 2 shipments of the product you ordered compared to Non Subscription orders. When you select the deeper discount for a subscription order, you are agreeing to that incentive, to take at least two (2) shipments.  Many people take advantage of this sales type by purchasing the deeper discount on Subscription orders, and then cancel their Subscription order before the 2nd shipment thus getting the deeper discount with no intention of keeping the Subscription order.  This is not the intent of BioTropicLabs.com when we’re offering such discounts. We don’t allow this kind of money savings technique by buyers.

b) Consequently, cancelling a subscription order before the 2nd shipment will automatically and retroactively turn that order into a one time purchase, and at the one time purchase discount price for the sales campaign you participated in, and we will retroactively charge the difference.  Also, if the sales campaign offered a free product for subscription orders, that free product would be included in the 2nd shipment, not the first order. Cancelling the autoship order before the 2nd shipment voids receiving the free products.

That’s it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!