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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

I’m chatting it up here today with P90x fitness inventor and all around renaissance man, Tony Horton.

As the inventor of an entire suite of made-for-you fitness solutions, none of them is more famous than his P90x ~ series. Tony’s all over TV helping folks shape up with a channel dedicated to helping everyone feel better, lose weight, get in shape, etc., with his suite of fitness solutions. This is a man who’s helped an incalculable number of people change their lives, and he continues to do so.

A true to goodness Trainer of The Stars, Horton has shaped up the likes of (and the bodies of) Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Annie Lennox, just to name a few, and onward that list goes. This man has very serious cred.

Tony is an interesting individual. He’s acted, been a stand-up comedian, was a gofer for 20th Century Fox; did some improv work, was on the Thighmaster infomercial (remember that one?), and did a lot of TV work with NordicTrack.

This is a trainer and authentically charming man, a very real human being who really tunes people up, motivates them, gets them in high performance shape, and in the same way the mechanics of the crème de la crème of race cars makes Formula 1 race cars perform, Tony’s does the same for your body; he’s your fitness Mechanic.

An enormously affable man, Tony walks me through his life from his New England upbringing to his move to California, including his life changing time when he invented the most famous of fitness routines, arguably ever, the P90x series.

He’s seen people through the best, and toughest times of their lives; and helped all of them achieve a better self.

Tune in and check out this shaker and mover of the fitness genre – he’s the real deal, and a lot of fun…….

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