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 In The "Who Are You?" Podcast

My good friend Prince Mumba, a two time 800 meter Track & Field Olympian has a survival-to-success story like no other I know of.

For me, as a child with 6 brothers, when dinner came I was always fencing with my ravenous siblings for yet another slice of pizza before they were all gone. We were a hungry bunch competing for food. Prince, at 8 years old, was fighting for his life.

Starving, thrown out of his home and abandoned by his family in the dirt streets Africa – he somehow overcame these monstrous hurdles to make it to the highest level of athletic competition, the Olympics – not once, but twice! Along his journey, he’s collected so many records, Olympic Trials, World competitions, honors and other awards that they alone would take a book all by itself to document.

Olympian, Hall of Famer, National Record Holder, Coach and Humanitarian, Prince Mumba epitomizes what it means to overcome seemingly impenetrable obstacles to triumph from disaster. Here he gives both lessons on both philosophical and practical way to manage adversity and still make it to the highest levels of success.

You’re going to love this and be amazed by his story. Listen to it here and please pass it along, share and comment on it.

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