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Danielle Faith Gordon, Part 2. Lazarus’ story; exploding back to life from the living dead.

We’re back with Danielle for part two of her story, and again, Wow! She’s a story of survival against all odds.

It’s worth reminding you that she is now an athlete and coach extraordinaire, but once a addict, athlete + drug addict. She’s punished herself to the brink of death, by all rights her early choices should have checked her out of life long ago, but she’s still here. And what a blessing for her and the rest of us she is!

This a very smart, transparent, unapologetic and complex woman who thoughtlessly, fearlessly – and with foolhardiness – dived into drug addiction with a splash of high level, heart thumping and sometimes altitude challenging fitness. She traversed mountain trails on bike and foot, putting her whole life to a test driven by an uncontrollable, unhealthy will where only fate would ultimately decide her outcome.

Fate did decide. In this case, someone does get out alive. Rather than being crushed 6 feet under by the negative forces she invited into her life, she found a moment – an ephithinal moment of clarity – to jettison these demons, leverage her powerful will, rebuild her soul, mind and body anew. And she did just that.

Chatting it up with this now strong and sage-by-experience woman, a now lit up vibrant life, gave me, and left me with, so many thoughts of “Why,” “How’d this happen,” “Is it really over,” and the like, that I hardly knew where to go next in our interview because as we talked, there were so many more corners – dark ones and one in Grace too – of her universe that I wanted to delve into, ask more of of all of it. But, as All Things Must Pass, so did our time together; but she made me the wiser for it.

For some reason, she “willed” herself into this combination of drug induced high level fitness while tempting the gods of Death, We’re going to find out why she choose this particular path of life education.

She is, and has been for sometime now, a highly credentialed fitness and life coach, and you should experience her gifts. When you’re done listening to her story here, go to her site at https://daniellefaithgordon.com and check her out.

Get into one of her coaching programs, like her “THE BODY MASTERY IMMERSION” program. She’ll make you fitter, stronger, smarter – she’ll change your life – just like she changed her own.

Now here’s part 2 of her story. Listen in…..


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