“The Biotropic Chlorella supplement has transformed my energy levels and invigorated my workouts.

I am a busy mom, a content editor for print and online media and a hard charging fitness enthusiast — I do some personal training, in addition to my own daily workouts. In the past, I have struggled with muscle recovery and low energy. I have multiple sclerosis and so energy management and fatigue can be problematic if I’m not properly fueled, recovered and detoxed. Finding the right nutrition and supplement combination was a challenge. But, with Biotropic Chlorella, I cover all my basis. I’ve always struggled with a low red blood cell count and poor oxygenation. Since starting Biotropic Chlorella 6 months ago, low energy and poor muscle recovery is a thing of the past. I especially love that there is a grass-fed liver source in this supplement and the detoxification qualities of the chlorella is yet another added health benefit. Thank you Craig and the Biotropic team for developing such an amazing addition to my health arsenal.”

Michelle Silbernagel (49).

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