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“I first heard about BioTropic supplements from one the worlds most respected fitness experts who I know scrutinizes all supplements he looks into, both for effectiveness in the real world and a solid evidence base behind the ingredients.

I’m a competitive 2nd category racing cyclist, and at age 47 I need to manage my training, diet, recovery & supplements very carefully to ensure I remain competitive at national standard here in the UK.

I decided to start using BioTropic’s AFA formula a month or so ago, and worked via email with Craig to get the dose right for me. I’ve settled on dosage regime now that works for my needs, and after 2-3 weeks use I can feel the effects. Not just in my head, but in my power output, recovery, perceived effort and recovery.

I’m hitting 1200+ watts over a 10-20 sprint now, which is a 10-15% improvement. I’m also leading the peleton up climbs consistently, and able to recover quickly over the top to keep the pressure on. It’s perhaps not all down to AFA, but I’m sure it’s helping and I’ll be sticking with it for the season at least.

For me any supplement company that goes to the lengths Biotropics do, with detailed podcasts and literature reference to support the list of ingredients, it shows they really care and have integrity. Too many companies offering short cuts and claims backed up with airbrushed photos of models!”

– Kieron