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Dr. Jim Wooley

  • 72′ Olympic Judo Team
  • 76′ Olympic Judo Team
  • 84′ Olympic Team Manager and Doctor of Chiropractic

BioTrōpic and Me

For my entire athletic career from National to World and Olympic competition, I have been on a comprehensive quest to find a natural and safe nutritional supplement that I could take to achieve a significant competitive edge during my athletic career.

In addition, I also wanted a supplement that had demonstrable and important health enhancing qualities to significantly improve my general health and quality of life. Finally, after half a century on this journey, I believe that I have found the nutritional supplement that meets all of these criteria.

After only a month of taking Biotropic, I have noticed a dramatic and noticeable improvement in my general health and my workout performance. I therefore, without reservation, highly recommend to anyone looking for a supplement with these qualities, that they should strongly consider taking Biotropic.

Now, To the best of your health and life long fitness.

Dr Jim Wooley DC