C Serum

AntiOxidant, Immunity Boost,
Prevent & Knock Out Colds

Colds are not life-threatening, but they sure can slow down your progress when you’re trying to get ahead on any number of projects. To assist avoiding this nuisance from happening in the first place, look further than Vitamin C Serum.

This potent formula has mad potential when it comes to improving your health and keeping you out of the doctors office. Plus, the more you avoid being sick, the better your workouts will be. Not only will you have more energy, but you’ll also be able to recover faster.


Whether you are a hard training athlete, an everyday person that is just trying to get in shape, every body needs Vitamin C. Among so many things that C does, among them are it can help protect the immune system and help athletes recover from intense training.

For the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body, you need Vitamin C. Also, collagen is formed from C. Collagen is a protein used to make skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It is also essential for healing wounds and for the repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth; and, it helps with blood pressure by strengthening the walls of the arteries; and, can prevent damage to cells caused by aging. It is also believe to help reduce stress.

On Vitamin C

In similar fashion to the B vitamins, vitamin C is water soluble. This means it gets flushed out of your system when you consume water. We want something better that this. So, the good news here is you can take it throughout the day to ensure your levels stay topped off.

From a scientific standpoint, Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid. It can be found naturally in a whole host of fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, colored peppers, broccoli, kiwi, tomatoes and strawberries.


The benefits of vitamin C are well-documented and quite vast. If you were unaware of these, here’s a list for you to check out. And if you once knew but forget, this should refresh your memory.

First of all, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It helps soak up dangerous free radicals that cause inflammation, colds and chronic diseases. It has also been known to help as a preventive for cancer, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Your skin also sees a direct benefit from Vitamin C. It helps with wound healing and it gives it more strength by building up your keratin levels. This is the substance responsible for keeping your skin elastic and strong.

Also, elevated cholesterol is an issue that a lot of people face. Not only does vitamin C help lower LDL cholesterol, the bad kind, but it also helps lower triglyceride levels. When both of these are high, you are subjected to heart attacks, stroke and heart disease in general.

Added Ingredients
To further boost the health-promoting effects of our formula, we’ve also added methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is good for inflammation, vitamin E, which is also good for heart health, and gotu kola extract, which is also good for the skin as well as respiratory function.

The Final Word
In order to optimize your health, you are best served getting an abundance of vitamin-C-rich foods in your diet. But you never want to take it to chance that you’re getting enough. So Vitamin C Serum can make a great addition to your daily regimen.

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