Resellers’ Policy

Please read this entire document.

BioTropicLabs, Inc. (BTL) Health Practitioners and Coaches (Resellers) Policy governs the resale of products from BTL, an exclusive nutritional supplement company. This policy is provided to all new and existing Resellers (not Affiliate sales for which there is a separate Agreement) of any type or kind, collectively “Reseller(s),” as a privilege and benefit of being a valued customer of BTL.  BTL reserves the right to deny any application. This policy is the unilateral will of BTL and this policy can be amended at any time. Such amendments will be communicated via the updating of this Agreement. It is your responsibility to check frequently to learn of changes to this document.

  1. Policies and Restrictions
    1. Authorized Resellers: Only BTL approved Resellers are allowed to sell BTL branded products through on their office environment or other location, but not via their or any other website.
    2. Copyright and Trademark: The philosophy and integrity of the BTL brand must be consistently protected at all times. Content displayed on the BTL website, in brochures, advertisements, product packaging, product information sheets and other marketing materials are copyrighted and trademarked. All content appearing on or associated with all privately labeled product is copyrighted and trademarked as well.
    3. Brand Representation: The unauthorized use of links, copyrights, trademarks, logos, manufacturing images, product images, copy or other BTL information on the internet without expressed consent is prohibited. All photos, images, and product and/or company description content pertaining to or describing BTL must be current and obtained from BTL directly. This information cannot be pulled from BTL’s website or other internet sources, unless specifically directed in writing by BTL. This information may be updated and amended at any time. Such amendments will be communicated via this document. Mail and/or email to all involved parties may be sent as well.
    4. Other Internet Policies:
      1. No Reseller is authorized to sell BTL products on Amazon, eBay or other resale sites or site NOT previously approved by BTL.
      2. Resellers are not allowed to pursue Google, Bing or other paid for search advertising terms of any kind.
      3. Resellers will be immediately terminated as an authorized reseller of BTL products if any violations of the Internet Policy occur.
    5. International Restrictions: Products are for distribution in the United States only. Due to international supplement regulations and policies governing such products, and to protect the integrity and rights of our international distributors, products cannot be shipped internationally.
    6. Compliance with Laws: The Resellers’ are solely responsible to comply with all applicable laws and regulations where it advertises or sells BTL products.
    7. Pricing Provisions: BTL and Reseller will agree on a discounted price for Reseller to purchase from BTL. Reseller may offer BTL products at a price of their choosing but is solely responsible for its returns and returns policy, etc. Once the Reseller makes a purchase from BTL, the sale will be final with no recourse for return or refund.
    8. All purchases are final, non refundable and non returnable for credit or refund. Retailers purchases are generously discounted from the general buying public (because you buy in bulk quantities). Because of this discount which is generally not offered to the general public (because they tend to purchase less), it is critical that you understand that the Satisfaction Guarantees, Money Back Guarantees and any other type of Guarantees offered on the Website, checkout pages, and anywhere else they many exist on the site do not pertain to you, Retailers and/or Health Practitioners and Coaches purchases. Retailers purchases are governed solely by the Terms herein this document.
  2. Sanctions
    Absolute adherence to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy is required for active account status. If a customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, BTL shall notify Reseller via phone, email or standard mail of the violation and immediately place the customer’s direct and distributor (if applicable) account on hold until the customer has come into compliance. To protect its Brand and good Image, BTL reserves the right to Terminate Resellers Agreement with BTL, its wholesale price purchasing privileges and/or terminate the account of any Reseller at any time, with or without notice, with or without cause.

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